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Thinking about riding again after 27 year break - am I mad?

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emlu67 Sun 15-May-11 20:19:53

I used to ride regularly as a child and now my DD rides I have this mad notion to start again. My youngest starts school in September so I would have more time on my hands although I would feel guilty on spending money on lessons rather than going back to work!

The riding school where DD rides has a lot of 16 - 17h horses and I am quite short, this would not have worried me at 11 or 12 but does now! I am also worried about injuries as do not have a great support system for childcare should I break any bones etc.

What are your thoughts?

annieapple7 Sun 15-May-11 21:29:16

Go for it. It is a fabulous past time. Yes it is a risky activity but there is nothing as satisfying! A good riding school should match you with a horse you feel comfortable with. Good luck!

olderyetwider Mon 16-May-11 08:41:27

I started again after a 30 year break and love it. I'm not brave like I was as a kid so I've got a 14.2 Fell Pony who suits me beautifully. I don't like riding anything too big for the reasons you say. I also like something with plenty of shoulder as I feel more secure than on a narrow horse, where I feel a bit like I'm perched on the edge of a cliff.

I did have a real confidence wobble a while ago, letting the 'what ifs' get the better of me, but since I've had my mare, and learnt to trust her, I'm fine. If the 'what ifs' attack I just push them away, think of something else, and sing if I need to.

I'd talk to an instructor and see if they've got something that would suit you. If not, I'd look around for a school that has. But definitely start again, you won't regret it

slovenlydotcom Mon 16-May-11 08:52:20

definitely go for it- I am in the same situation as you, haven't ridden in 35 years but having watched dc ride for a few years took the plunge a couple of months ago. I was initially going to have four half hour lessons just to build up to an hour long hack dd and I had planned.

Strangely enough the hack was over easter and I seem to be still having a weekly lesson confused

I love it and as I work 5 days a week, it feels like the only thing I do for myself and no-one else

Pixel Mon 16-May-11 19:59:04

Yes you are mad, but don't let that stop you.grin

olderyetwider Tue 17-May-11 10:26:58

You do know that you'll end up buying ponies for you and DD, don't you? You'll say now that you won't/can't, but I bet you do! smile

emlu67 Tue 17-May-11 10:34:10

That thought had crossed my mind olderyetwider however it is unlikely we could ever afford it plus I am actually allergic to horses and unable to touch them without gloves on so looking after them would be difficult.

We'll see.....

Booboostoo Tue 17-May-11 10:49:52

All horsey people are mad, can't be helped I am afraid! grin Rejoin the ranks of the manure smelling people! A reputable riding school should have a choice of suitable horses to get you started again.

PlanetEarth Tue 17-May-11 12:27:16

I'm allergic to horses too, but I've been better since buying my own - I think because I take hay fever tablets every day all year round, rather than sporadically. Never needed gloves mind you!

emlu67 Tue 17-May-11 14:23:21

PlanetEarth I take hayfever tablets whenever I am around horses and these really help. I wish they had been around when I was younger as my hayfever got so bad all year round that I gave up riding altogether. Gloves are necesssary as I have excema and if I touch horses or hay with bare hands they swell up and blister, itch like crazy and bleed everywhere, not nice I can tell you!

So hayfever tablets are a godsend and I could ride now as long as I keep my gloves on! Very tempted to try again now...

larahusky Fri 20-May-11 22:23:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bumpsoon Sat 21-May-11 22:22:16

Simple answer : nope grin

Carrotsandcelery Sat 21-May-11 22:28:57

I recently took the plunge and, having watched my dcs for over a year, went for a lesson myself.

I am now going for weekly lessons grin

I absolutely love it. It is the only thing I do that is entirely selfish and just for me.

It is also fantastic exercise and very toning.

I ride a 15hh Welsh cob so he is big enough and strong enough but not too high or too flighty.

I have lost a lot of the abilitly I used to have but that is to be expected and I make a noticeable improvement every week.

I would speak to your dd's instructor and ask about the availability of lessons and suitable horses for adult riders. They are often very accommodating as they don't have as much custom during school hours.


emlu67 Sun 22-May-11 16:35:31

Thanks everyone for your messages. It is good to know so many others have gone back to riding after a long break. I will definitely give it a go once DS is at school. I'm sure I will enjoy it just as much as when I was a child and as it will be the only thing I really do for myself hopefully DH won't mind the expense too much!

Carrotsandcelery Sun 22-May-11 19:54:47

My dh was shock at the cost until he realised what he spends golfing in a year. Even if he didn't golf he was, like you say, so pleased I had claimed something for myself.

Stillchuckingit Fri 27-May-11 13:35:06

I went back after a 20 yr break. Was a jibbering wreck (having been fairly confident rider before).

I can't say I do anything terribly challenging but enjoy hacking along forest paths on an aimable, ancient arm-chair barrel-like cob

I'm not brave anymore and won't be again but I do enjoy it.

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