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New pony on loan .... he is the most adorable pony ever

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Eve Fri 13-May-11 09:48:12

My son had taken over riding my pony, but hes new forest and 5... and as he was going through the too big for his boots stage and was trying it on a lot , he was needing a slightly more confident rider.

So he has been sent away for 12 weeks for a more experienced rider to school and compete him.

In the meantime we have been loaned the most adorable Welsh B, who my son has taken to like a duck to water... taking them to a show Sunday for some clear round and little working hunter.

Mirage Fri 13-May-11 13:02:50

envy.We are looking for a gem like that.

Eve Tue 31-May-11 18:12:18

Spoke to soon.

Most adorable pony at home... Took to a show and a pony club rally and he flips! So much so son is scared to get on him, reared right up, broke of tie to the trailer.

Unfortunately had to send him back and now on the hunt for another.

ho hum!,

Mirage Tue 31-May-11 18:29:00

Oh no! How awful.A good job that you found out sooner rather than later though.sad

We are collecting a pony for trial before buying and have pictures of it at shows,but,after reading about your poor ds, will definitely try and take him to a show before we pay up for him.

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