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Riding log - anyone interested?

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SupersonicDave Sat 26-Mar-11 11:25:41

Saw this on a horse forum and thought it would be a good idea.

Basically i need a bit of help with motivation (too much to do, not enough hours in the day etc) and can get a bit stuck in a rut wrt schooling/hacking/lunging.

So, today i am riding out my mare, a friend is riding my gelding, and we are going to ride through the village and back across some grassy tracks. Want to concentrate on keeping my mare calm, especially on the grass.

elephantpoo Thu 31-Mar-11 20:50:08

Ooooh loose schooling sounds fun <dreams of school to do it in>

I rode my boy for the second time today, and he trotted on the lunge!

Yard owner (who's helping me) reckons I'll be taking him out next week!!

MitchiestInge Thu 31-Mar-11 20:51:33

Ahhhh just looked at him ep, he is beautiful.

CluckyKate Thu 31-Mar-11 21:42:57

When you put it like that I wonder at my own sanity confused

No, I've not backed a horse before Elephantpoo but, like you, have a yard owner who is able to assist trying to talk me into doing it myself. My one big reservation is that with the baby and a toddler I won't be able to provide the continuity so am leaning towards sending him away.

Sharer rode the mare today - day off for me smile

ManateeEquineOhara Thu 31-Mar-11 21:53:35

EP - that is so exciting!!!

Mitchie - your schooling jumping sounds so much fun! We are not allowed to jump in the school at our yard (I have probably mentioned this before, it really annoys me!).

I rode the mare in the woods after work. She is napping quite badly at the moment as she does tend to do. There are a few field in the woods, and in the top one I tried to get her to trot away from 'home' and she was being a total prat...she went sideways, lost all steering, kept shying at nothing, and if I used the crop she put in little bucks. However we did some nice little jumps which is always fun and had some lovely canters (just as long as we were heading in the homeward direction - sigh - I know I should try and do something about it rather than just enjoying the one-direction canters, but she is just so stubborn!).

My new phone fell out of my pocket at one point, luckily I did find it on the grass, I had a horrible panic that it might have come out in the stream, I was so relieved that it hadn't, I have only had it since Monday after the old one fell down the loo!

Anyway - tomorrow I have owned the mare for 11 years...despite being a stubborn little moo she has come so far from the half-dead emaciated little scruff that was tethered on a gypsy site, I am so proud of her and love her so much grin

SupersonicDave Thu 31-Mar-11 22:06:25

Aaaaah Manatee, that is lovely. Have you tried wearing spurs? I used to have a pony who would buck if you used a stick, but responded really well to spurs.

Mitchy - i did get a couple of pics, but a few good videos

Ponks Thu 31-Mar-11 22:15:27

Ooo Supersonic I would like to loose school my mare over a jump sometime; must get organised & rope in DH. I did once loose school my gelding over a jump but he obviously enjoyed the jumping a bit too much and jumped out of the arena.shock

Yay to elephantpoo, what a great feeling it must be to bring on your horse from scratch.

Like the idea of doing 20m circle with jumps at each quarter marker - have tried this in the past with 2 jumps at E and B but never 4 - must be great for discipline and controlling the speed.

manatee your hacks seem a bit lively! I'm quite happy with my little pootle hacks for the moment; we aren't going very far & certainly no cantering involved (not really opportunities for cantering on our local hacks); I'm trying to make everything v.relaxed and easy for her as she can be a bit stressy (leap in air/ buck / spin sort of stuff).

Anyhoo today I had a lesson on another horse and had a great time even jumped some tiny fences smile.

ManateeEquineOhara Fri 01-Apr-11 07:47:03

SSD - That is interesting, I haven't tried spurs, and maybe they would be helpful. However I would be a little bit worried about using them because the mare has a treeless saddle (due to barrel horse not fitting anything else!), it is a really hard saddle to keep a decent lower leg position in anyway with lack of knee rolls, combined with her table top back which = legs at not ideal angle anyway, I am not sure I could confidently say she would not accidentally get an unnecessary jab in the side.

Ponks - I do like a lively hack, but little pootle hacks can be lovely too! Your lesson sounds good also

elephantpoo Fri 01-Apr-11 09:37:14

CluckyKate - continuity is definitely what they need. I started questioning what I'd taken on. My kids are at school (son started in Jan) so that's when I planned to start him. But the half term whizzed around quickly, then we had a holiday, and unexpected illnesses cropped up.............wondered to myself why I thought I could do it confused

Luckily he's soooooo laid back, you can pick up where you left off after a couple of weeks off smile

<feeling a little bit of a fraud......pony's so good he's taught me, not vice versa>

ManateeEquineOhara - your mare sounds lucky to have you smile You obviously love her to bits.

Ponks - I laughed at he obviously enjoyed the jumping a bit too much and jumped out of the arena grin
Glad your lesson went well (even though I'm envy at you jumping)

SupersonicDave Fri 01-Apr-11 15:23:10

Manatee there are so many different types of spurs out now, it may be worth a look to see if there are some that may suit.

My mare (now 10yrs!) i broke by myself. She was just really cool about everything, the bad behaviour is only as she has got older hmm

Rode the gelding today. Was fine, bit un-inspiring though. I am just so rubbish on the left rein! I know it is due mostly to being unfit and having a manky leg that side, but so frustrating!!!

Right, off to pick up DD from school, then back to the yard for a hay delivery....

olderyetwider Fri 01-Apr-11 15:39:54

We're going out for a pub ride this evening to celebrate the lighter evenings. The pub has a mounting block, water buckets and headcollars properly attached to rings via orange string! How civilized is that!

ManateeEquineOhara Fri 01-Apr-11 18:19:01

Ooh, sounds like a nice thoughtful pub There was one like that when I used to have a horse on loan in Bushey (Herts), very nice

Ponks, I do indeed love her to bits

SSD - I will do a bit of spur related research! I broke the mare in also, but she has always been a bit err... unschooled, I can only blame myself

No riding today, work then picking up the kids straight away.

MitchiestInge Fri 01-Apr-11 18:34:59

Envious of that pub!

Going to do some fun jumping now

CluckyKate Fri 01-Apr-11 22:57:48

Tres jealous of pub-going....sounds like a blimmin' good excuse. We're having a yard bash tomorrow night to welcome newcomers - might suggest it as we have a number of hostelries in our area; none quite as horse-friendly though.

Though as much on the continuity front Elly. On the plus side, the youngster is very well handled, easy to lead, is bridle-broken and has had surcingles & rugs on and has been as quiet as a lamb with each new thing. Fingers crossed this continues [hopeful]

Hope the jumping went well Mitchy

Pixel Sat 02-Apr-11 15:02:32

I have ridden today <fanfare of trumpets>.

Was quite exhausting as dhorse started off by marching off in front and didn't appear to have any brakes. Then I put him behind my sister and dpony and he spent the rest of the ride trying to bite dpony and tossing his head up and down because he doesn't like walking what he thinks of as 'slowly' (normal for anyone else ha ha). Then just as we rode back into our gate the farmer who was delivering hay whisked the tarpaulin off the back of his pickup and we shot up in the air! So glad I didn't fall off in front of everyone. grin

Ok, I know that sounds like a whole lot of moaning but my point is, despite it all I didn't panic and want to get off, I actually came back quite calm so definite improvement Yay!

sykes Sat 02-Apr-11 16:30:33

Well done, Pixel - sounds great. Any singing en route? I went for a hack and cantered up a field then "jumped" a ditch. Sort of ...... Spent about ten minutes trying to convince horse to go over it. My face was, apparently, hilarious as he leapt. Was a good ride though and he was really well behaved apart from a bit of head shaking/tossing. Good luck tomorrow. Mitchy, how was the jumping?

ManateeEquineOhara Sat 02-Apr-11 17:57:52

ooh, Sykes - I am quite (very) nervous of jumping a ditch, I just can't imagine the mare jumping it...instead I think she would go for jumping into it :s

I haven't ridden today, but actually I wish I had lunged her or something, I have become aware that she is rather large and this does tend to make her harder to ride. I think her condition score is probably a 9, but being a stocky little gypsy coblet it is hard to know confused

MitchiestInge Sat 02-Apr-11 23:18:22

I love this thread everyone is having so much fun after winter, it's exciting that Pixel is riding. I miss Owls really badly though where did she go?

yesterday, ummm, think jumping went a bit wrong in the dark - can't actually remember now. That is quite serious short term memory loss isn't it! Today has been multi-pony fun, got addicted to grooming and cuddling them. Horse: 1 hour hack, 30mins schooling, about same again jumping. Pony had 20mins schooling but was a bit excitable. Oh no I actually bought another rug, why? And I have such a severe crush on a new mare who is only with us for two weeks, a dun Welsh x Arab. She looks sharp but she isn't really. Have never seen such a pretty pony. It is really important not to even ask if she is for sale or even think about how much she might be worth and ways in which it could be funded.

MitchiestInge Sat 02-Apr-11 23:20:34

Did lots with the Dartmoor too. He is so easy in every way and such a nice person!

ManateeEquineOhara Sun 03-Apr-11 08:35:06

OMG I loooove Duns (my boy I sadly sold in December was dun )...and Arab crosses are gorgeous...that horse sounds lush!!!

CailinBainne Sun 03-Apr-11 13:43:28

lovely day here today, sunny (with the odd sharp shower)
I KNOW I should ride (didn't yesterday as in work all day) but I just cannot be that wrong ??

Pixel Sun 03-Apr-11 19:45:46

Our welsh boy is a dun, with a white blaze and stockings. He is really pretty especially when he's changing coats and goes all dappled. He has a lovely dainty head too and likes to arch his neck in a fetching manner.(he knows he's pretty smile).

No riding today, sis did horses. I was forced to lie in bed this morning listening to mayhem in kitchen relaxing while breakfast was cooked for me. Was so funny, I could hear dh saying to ds "take these to mummy" in an ever-more desperate voice, then a bunch of flowers came hurtling into the room and landed on the bed. All I heard was ds's retreating footsteps, I don't think he 'gets' mother's day. grin Luckily dd appeared with some chocs and a card she'd made so all was well (although I've got some clearing up to do in the kitchen tomorrow ha ha).

This afternoon we went round mum's to give her pressie and eat the lemon and lime drizzle cake I'd made and had a walk on the Downs with her dogs, so it was all very nice but not at all horsey, except a friend popped round with a beautiful photo he'd taken of ds on dshetland. I'll get dh to scan it <too thick to do it myself emoticon> and put it on my profile.

CluckyKate Sun 03-Apr-11 20:05:00

That sounds like a lovely, relaxing Mother's Day Pixel

Went for a super ride with a friend - we were out for over two hours, popped some log piles, has a blast (or three), got chased by an escaped shettie and had a jolly god natter. Fabulous. Suspect I'll be paying for it tomorrow tho as I'm aching already. Horse was on top form too and feeling well <mental note to source a better sports bra>

Anyone else have a special Mothers Day ride???

SupersonicDave Sun 03-Apr-11 20:57:32

Hello smile

I didn't ride today. DH rode gelding and someone at the yard took mare out with him, they had a good time. Exciting news here is that we tried Mare in a trailer (first time in 4yrs - since she lay down in one, and then refused to stand up on her own round every corner confused) we took the partition out and she was absolutely fine! Not scared (tbh she is not scared of anything) calm, and chilled. Which means we can do riding club and friend can take her to pony club - YAYYYYY!!!!!!!

Mothers day as a special day = a bit rubbish tbh, but DCs re now in bed asleep, i have wine, a new cookbook, Galaxay minstrels and cake.

ManateeEquineOhara Sun 03-Apr-11 21:24:25

Heh @ Pixel's mayhem in the kitchen. The DCs did me breakfast in bed and broke the kettle by boiling it dry. But it's the thought that counts

I then rode around the woods, DCs walked and took pictures - one is now on my profile of the mare trying her very best coblet-cute jumping!

SupersonicDave Mon 04-Apr-11 10:18:57

Cute! Manatee, she is lovely.

DD also rode Hector again on Saturday and trotted for almost all of it and without anyone holding onto her (i still led the pony) I have asked if we can borrow Hector for next years summer holidays <<just hope DH gets a payrise by then...>>

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