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Riding log - anyone interested?

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SupersonicDave Sat 26-Mar-11 11:25:41

Saw this on a horse forum and thought it would be a good idea.

Basically i need a bit of help with motivation (too much to do, not enough hours in the day etc) and can get a bit stuck in a rut wrt schooling/hacking/lunging.

So, today i am riding out my mare, a friend is riding my gelding, and we are going to ride through the village and back across some grassy tracks. Want to concentrate on keeping my mare calm, especially on the grass.

SupersonicDave Tue 29-Mar-11 17:21:03

Very envy of your good hack, sounds lots of fun!

A friend of mine came over today. She is still quite a novice rider having only been at a riding school (knows how to do things, but would be a bit stuck on anything needing 'riding' iyswim?) but she rode mare in the school. My mare is one of those that switches off if she thinks she can get away with it in the school. My friend seemed to think she had schooled her for me grin but it is still a help getting the horses exercised.

Lunged Gelding in loose side reins, was very well behaved despite being wound up because Mare had left him earlier <eejit>

Pixel Tue 29-Mar-11 18:25:16

Mitchy, if I'd known you could have had the rain that was here this morning. Of course, as soon as it had got late enough that I didn't have time to ride it came out lovely and sunny. angry

I expect everyone else just trots off into the rain but we'd left the rugs off last night and I wear glasses so you can let me off. grin

ManateeEquineOhara Tue 29-Mar-11 18:59:29

We haven't had rain for ages, but all our tracks are still really muddy, it is silly.

I planned to ride after work today but ended up having to work an hour late due to a clocks screw-up making me an hour late this morning blush.

WILL ride tomorrow in spite of the rain.

Ponks Tue 29-Mar-11 22:34:25

Well I had my own little achieve yesterday in the quest to regain my confidence. Took mare out for a tiny hack all by ourselves... and she was great so we came back all relaxed. <Sigh> such a small thing I know but I have become so nervy lately so this is good for us both.

Today we had a lesson and she was, again, an angel, really relaxed.

Good luck with the breaking in on Wednesday elephantpoo! let us know how you get on. I love welshies. Have a welsh x gelding who is the best looking horse ever.

CailinBainne Tue 29-Mar-11 22:52:29

worked today capitalising on the weather so no riding, but put the lads to work by letting them into the bit of forestry we have....usually spend ages strimming the grass down but have cut away all side branches to pony-height so the lads can go and keep the grass short for us (and save me a bit on haylage)

Pixel Tue 29-Mar-11 23:07:47

Well done Ponks. smile I mean that as I've only just got brave enough to take dhorse out for 10 mins by myself.

CailinBainne Tue 29-Mar-11 23:10:56

long may it continue Ponks !!! Go you !!!

and elephantpoo - all the best for tomorrow, fingers crossed X

ManateeEquineOhara Wed 30-Mar-11 13:41:15

Wonders how Elephantpoo got on

I am just back from riding the mare. She was a bit daft actually. Really wasn't keen on going away from the yard. There is a fallen tree in a field on the way out that we usually jump that she didn't jump very well, and then jumped at a funny angle so I ended up doing the awful adult-on-a-pony thing of my foot hitting part of the jump blush.

Then riding back through the fields I took what I thought was a short-cut, only it was kind of a marsh (a lot of the land around the yard is like this - sigh), but this was really deep, dhorse went in the mud up to her hocks on her backs and had to heave herself out, unseating me, and nearly hitting a tree in her panic to get out. We shan't be taking that route again.

CailinBainne Wed 30-Mar-11 14:35:54

oops Manatee
on the positive side you both lived, always a plus !!

CluckyKate Wed 30-Mar-11 15:45:33

Well survived Manatee!!

Sounds like a few of us have youngsters to work on. My boy turned 3 this year and will need backing. Will probably start on him in May once I'm back in the swing of things but still deciding how to go about it - do him from home, send him away etc. Any thoughts??

Meanwhile, the mare (mother of youngster, 16.1hh ISH bundle of fun) needs to fitten up. I'd like to take advantage of mat leave/unemployment and hunt her next season so have given myself a nice long lead-time to built up our fitness.

Chose not to ride yesterday as DS is at the 6 week growth spurt and couldn't face chafing/jiggling to the ol' nips [TMI???]. Instead lunged my girlie for 15 mins. - only took one full circuit for her to transistion down from trot to walk whenever asked...transistions up are flawless and done before I've even finished the command. Obedient horse hmm

SupersonicDave Wed 30-Mar-11 15:56:25

grin Clucky, DS is 7m now and i am desperate to fit back into my sports bras. Nursing bras just do not support well enough do they?

Didn't ride today. DD may well have overdosed my mare on garlic when 'helping' do the feeds. Oh well, no vampires for a bit.

CluckyKate Wed 30-Mar-11 16:15:32

You're not wrong Super - have got a lot of shrinking to do before my old sports bras fit. May pay a visit to the Less Bounce stand at Badminton in 3 weeks if milk supply has calmed down by then.

I too have a 'helpful' DD - 2.5, very bossy and addicted to pony nuts. She goes to nursery Tues & Thurs so those are my riding days.

SupersonicDave Wed 30-Mar-11 16:56:50

My DD is 3, and goes to preschool 3 afternoons a week, so those are my riding days. I am still in a H cup blush usually an F, so got a fair bit of shrinking to do. Annoying really as i am now a 10 everywhere apart from round my bust. Need to tone up desperately, hoping the riding can help!

elephantpoo Wed 30-Mar-11 17:11:46

Thank you all for your support. I was so unbelievably nervous blush

I love my pony smile

He was an angel.

I did the lying across his back bit a few times, and then got on.

He's a super star smile

Had a mini-panic at one point. Yard owner was leading him on one rein with me aboard. We then changed rein and I think he was shocked to see me on that side too grin
True to his usual form though, he jumped a little and then got over it smile

I'm so pleased with him. I've e-mailed the lady who I bought him from, as she's keen to see how he's doing ( she really wanted to keep him after she'd used him to father some foals, but he didn't quite make the height........her loss is my gain smile )

Ponks - glad you're having a good time.

ManateeEquineOhara - hope you and Dhorse are ok. Your "incident" is the sort of trouble that I normally attract!

I borrowed yard owners horse on Monday and went into the woods to explore. Gave myself an hour and a half - half hour there, half hour back and half hour to explore. Well I got lost. Was nearly at the end of my "half hour there", really panicking, feeling I'd been going in circles and just about to turn back and retrace my route when thankfully I regained my sense of direction!! Was a good reminder to remember my mobile blush and to tell somebody where I'm going. Simple things, but easily forgotten.

CailinBainne Wed 30-Mar-11 17:19:14

Well done EP (and EP's pony) applause

Weather was so nice after school that I made DD come and ride with me so we had a 20 min road hack (only her second time off the lead rein and she did really did her little lad)

elephantpoo Wed 30-Mar-11 17:23:06

<bowing> why thank you.

Very pleased with ourselves smile

Ooh-riding off the lead rein is a biggie! Well done to your DD x

elephantpoo Wed 30-Mar-11 17:50:44

So proud of him that I've posted a pic to my profile!

ManateeEquineOhara Wed 30-Mar-11 20:52:29

OMG EP he is lush...really lovely! How big is he? And of course well done!

Clucky - You are doing so well fitting in horsey time with your baby...I am kind of imagining you as a bit of a superwomen now

SSD - I have been riding more hoping to tone up too but it isn't happening damn it (although I would happily take being a size 10 everywhere but the boobs )

And, err, yes, I do tend to get myself in pickles like today on rides quite a lot actually! I just love to take little exploratory detours grin

Ponks Wed 30-Mar-11 20:53:20

Oh well done elephantpoo, I was looking forward to hearing how you got on. He looks lovely by the way! How big is he?

manatee that sounds horrible !

Did another tiny hack by self this evening. Went a bit further along a bridleway where my mare had had a scare a couple of weeks ago; she was still bit nervy (or was that me?hmm) and liable to jump at movements in the hedge but she didn't panic & we were able to stroll back fairly relaxed. Small yay!
[oh dear that does sound very pathetic blush ... but my aim for now is to be taking tiny steps forwards and building up trust between us.]

elephantpoo Thu 31-Mar-11 09:38:50

Thank you Manatee and Ponks.........I fell in love with his pictures before I met him blush

He was advertised as 14.1, but I think he may be a little bigger.

Manatee - detours are good grin
I'm also imagining CluckyKate as a superwoman now. 1 horse to get ready for hunting, 1 to break and a baby.........WOW!

CluckyKate - if you think you'll fit breaking your boy in around everything else, go for it!! Have you done it before?

Ponks - you don't sound pathetic at all smile Yay for you and your mare.
Small steps are still steps. You'll be glad you went slowly in the end.

elephantpoo Thu 31-Mar-11 09:41:39

Also, SupersonicDave - how do you teach a horse to stand still for longer periods??!! Would like to take mine to some shows this year, get him out and about a bit, but he won't stand for more than a few seconds blush
Any tips gratefully recieved!

SupersonicDave Thu 31-Mar-11 12:41:46

Not quite sure Elephant - i will let you know how we get on! I think bribery could be involved grin

SupersonicDave Thu 31-Mar-11 20:41:32

Today i loose schooled my gelding again with a jump (did it 2-3wks ago) He was good but a bit lazy today - typical as we were trying to get pictures! He looks very well, but still a bit racehorse-like.

MitchiestInge Thu 31-Mar-11 20:48:22

Did you get any pics? I want to try this soon.

Today made a 20m circle in centre of school with poles (at B, E and roughly in line with A and C) that later became jumps. Pony did a massive buck at first but then he really enjoyed it, especially when changing rein on landing and jumping the circle the other way. 100% with lead legs

MitchiestInge Thu 31-Mar-11 20:50:08

want to try it on horse but I know he will motorbike round at 10000mph and we will probably both die

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