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What's your favourite show?

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KittyTwoShoes Fri 24-Dec-10 19:15:19

My cousin and I are 21 in April within a week of one another, so our present to each other is going to be a day (or two... or three...) out at a big show. I'm in Sussex, she's in Kent, but can travel anywhere pretty easily. We just aren't sure where to go - we've not been to any since we were children.

Preferably it would be after our birthdays, though, so second half of April onwards (oh, and we don't mind waiting months until the summer either).

So where would you/do you love to go? I know it's a while away but I'd rather know what we want to do than leave it to the last minute and not manage to get tickets or something!

Abbicob Fri 31-Dec-10 13:35:31

Not many big shows in April if you are talking county shows?
Maybe the British Open show jumping is on but think they have cancelled that for next year (2011). That was in Birmingham.

Maybe delay the outing and go to Royal Windsor in May?

KittyTwoShoes Fri 31-Dec-10 16:00:52

Yeah, we wanted to go to the British Open but pretty sure it's cancelled. Boo.

Doesn't have to be April by any means So far we're leaning towards Badminton but I'll check out Royal Windsor. Thanks!

LovePinkBitsOfMyHorse Fri 31-Dec-10 16:19:05

But what about Burleigh if you can wait that long?

KittyTwoShoes Sat 01-Jan-11 14:07:31

Burleigh would be great but when we checked dates we are all in Venice for a family wedding for most if not all of the time it's on.

I think it's between Badminton and Royal Windsor at the moment, from what we've looked at... Which would you say is better?

Butkin Sat 01-Jan-11 18:31:07

Depends on what you want really - Badminton is great for eventing and you could go to dressage/cross country and showjumping if you are going for 3 days. Shopping if fab too. You'd need to work out how/where you were going to stay though and could be expensive.

Royal Windsor is great but you'd need to study their schedules to see if the showing/show jumping classes appeal to you.

Our must do events (living near Newmarket) are Suffolk Show, Royal Norfolk, Burghley, Horse of the Year and Olympia. We always used to attend the Royal and went to the Festival of the Horse but they need to sort themselves out as it was poor this year.

We also attend Ponies UK and BSPS Summer Champs but this is more for hard core showing.

Living where you do I'd also recommend the Royal International (Hickstead) which we've always gone to if we've been lucky enough to qualify. As well as Royal International you could consider the Hickstead Derby meeting as well which has fab classes over a few days.

Butkin Sat 01-Jan-11 18:31:34

Oh and don't forget Kent County on your own doorstep - have been a few times and have my name on the odd cup there!

Merlotmonster Fri 07-Jan-11 22:45:44

Badminton is on over the Easter Weekend - X- country day is on the Sunday as per last year (not the usual Sat) - Burghley and Blenheim are later on in the year..

Hickstead in June and July are also excellent shows..

All these shows you can just turn up on the day..also the Hickstead ones...if you look in the local press, you can normally find free entry tickets....

Or if you fancy a trip abroad, theres the Dublin show in August!

have a great time and take an empty credit card...its shop -tastic at these events!

Merlotmonster Fri 07-Jan-11 22:48:23

PS - or for something very special - theres the Global champions tour around 25th June...its in Monaco and takes place on the harbour.!!its MEGA..discovered it by accident (on my first wedding anniversary!) bless my lovely husband...he didnt mind that we spent 2 days watching show jumping!! he he

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