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I'm sobbing for this horse rescuer - she and her horses need help.

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VallhalaLalalalalalalalaaaaaa Tue 21-Dec-10 18:33:45

Sara Ross and her Sanctuary

If you have prayers, say them now, if you have positive thoughts, they are needed like never before, if you have spare pennies, please help... and if you have tears, you'll shed them too.

Myleetlepony Wed 22-Dec-10 19:35:37

Oh dear, before you donate, read this thread on Horse and Hound forum, I think it gives a heavy dose of realism. I recommend you read it all, and then consider the figures being quoted. This woman has acted totally irresponsibly and brought this situation about herself with her "animal collecting". 3451
I can cry for the horses, because nothing good will come of this and it's all this daft woman's fault. Note that her supposed saviour, Zandroyal or whatever they call themselves have raised the grand total of £2000 - not even enough to keep the horses in hay for a fortnight. This is one of those cases where the real welfare organisations need to step in. The cruelty she is subjecting the blind horse to in the "rescue" is unbelieveble.
Unfortunately, with very elderly horses, and the difficulties in getting hay supplies etc this winter, this will undoubtedly end with at least some of these horses pts. But this woman put them in that situation, but seriously over-stocking when she knew she didn't have the resources to secure their futures.

RectalNourishment Wed 22-Dec-10 21:47:00

I thought when I read the article 'but some of them should just be put down', there is no place for sentimentality when it comes to animal welfare. I would rather take on one of her horses than donate £££.

Butkin Wed 22-Dec-10 22:50:51

49 horses? Madness. We work on a rough estimate of 2 acres per horse and she doesn't have a 100+ acre farm to keep them on. She should be putting down some and trying to rehome others. She would be better off contributing her time and money to an established rescue centre or welfare organisation. Somebody will soon need to start rescuing animals from her. She may have been well meaning in the start but she is completely overfaced and the animals will suffer.

Myleetlepony Wed 22-Dec-10 23:27:50

As it says on the thread, hay is very scarce in Kent, so if a rescue of this size hasn't got stock in advance they are in trouble. Work out the cost of £1,000 bales a month, think of all the other costs associated with keeping these horse, and you see that this plan to buy a farm and set up a sanctuary is totally unrealistic.
Stupid, stupid, stupid. sad

Loshad Thu 23-Dec-10 23:39:07

Also unsuitable conditions - scroll down to see the photo of the heavy in a tiny pen, with virtually no bedding.

Rindercella Fri 24-Dec-10 00:05:40

How the hell does she afford to have the horses' feet trimmed? 49 x 6 weekly farrier visits ain't going to be cheap.

It would seem likely that some of these horses will need rescuing from this woman soon.

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