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warm jods

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mummydoc Tue 23-Nov-10 20:55:42

2 yrs ago my dd had a fab pair of really thick good quality jods - i thought the make wasy equitech but cannot find them on internet. she was freezing last weekend - but hates trying to put leggings or tights under her tight jods - any suggestions for really thick warm jods or any other solution to cold little legs ?

Pixel Tue 23-Nov-10 21:41:31

I've noticed a lot of teenaged (and younger) girls wearing over-the-knee socks over their jods. Seems to be quite trendy atm.

I'm tempted to try it myself but worried I'll look silly 'cos I'm a bit old <sob>.

Pixel Tue 23-Nov-10 21:45:02

Or can you get full chaps for children?

Callisto Wed 24-Nov-10 11:26:26

I'm going to go for the over the knee socks look this year and I'm ancient.

marialuisa Wed 24-Nov-10 11:38:43

I think you mean equetech? Robinsons sell them. Tak are good too.

Butkin Wed 24-Nov-10 12:29:42

DD (7) wears half chaps from over quite thick socks. I also wear half chaps from Ariat.

DW wears those thick special riding socks over her jods - the stripy ones which come up below the knee and replace chaps and seem very fashionable.

AliceandtheGinormousBaps Thu 25-Nov-10 10:02:24

Why not put trousers over jods? I think robinsons did some good over trousers a year or so ago.

Also, txmaxx have the skiwear and their trousers are very warm, lots of people i know wear them for riding.

seeker Sat 27-Nov-10 07:12:38

My dd wears thermals under and long socks - preferably very bright and non-atching - over. Ski socks are the best - do you have an Aldi near you? They are brilliant for very cheap outdoor gear.

shufflebum Sun 28-Nov-10 21:22:32

TK Maxx for ski sallopetes or you can get specific horsey overtrousers, rambo do them with fleece linings.
Just remembered Musto do thermal jods but might only be for adults.

mummydoc Tue 30-Nov-10 21:17:45

you all clever - i had not thought of putting her ski stuff over top . she will not do the stripey sock thing despite me buying lovely ones from joules - says her boots are too tight with htinck socks. so now needs new boots too i suppose to go with needing new body protector aswell feel credit card groaning

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