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OnionsAreToxic Fri 01-Jan-21 21:46:05

I'm SO excited to be writing in my new diary today! I had a Hobo Weeks last year which I used for the full year, and I bought an A5 Cousin in April.

This year I've gone for the Hobo Techo A6 as well as the Cousin, --and I MAY have treated myself to the 5-year Hobo too--grin

I like using fountain pens, and I luffs the Tomoe River paper.

Which diary/journal are you using this year? What is your pen of choice?

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Blibbler Fri 01-Jan-21 21:58:54

Another hobonichi fan here! But I'm trying to find an A5 Take a Note Planner for 2021 as my main
work planner this year (so I have a few days left to find one!) Struggling though as I've left it too late and they are out of stock everywhere. Otherwise I'll be back in an A5 cousin for 2021 too

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