Stationery bundle for a Christmas gift - where to start?

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ActonBell Tue 24-Nov-20 21:58:39

Hi, I’d really like to put together a lovely bundle of stationery for my mum for Christmas. She likes arts, crafts and writing letters and cards. I’d like something a bit special and different but when I look at some of the specialist stationery shops online the choice is overwhelming and some of the prices are way beyond my budget.

If you had £30-50 to spend on some nice stationery what would you get?

Thank you!!!

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Happycow Wed 02-Dec-20 23:08:32

Something on my Christmas list is a Herbin liquid ink rollerball pen - it takes standard size fountain pen cartridges so you can vary the ink.

Happycow Wed 02-Dec-20 23:09:57

Happycow Wed 02-Dec-20 23:11:58

I cant offer any advice on the craft bits but that pen has good reviews and being able to vary the ink on a whim sounds fun!

8obbingabout Wed 02-Dec-20 23:18:45

That is such a lovely idea - Have you looked at a calligraphy set?

CorianderQueen Wed 02-Dec-20 23:40:11


ActonBell Thu 03-Dec-20 09:05:31

Lovely- thanks for these suggestions. I will look into these. smile

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Scarby9 Thu 03-Dec-20 09:09:33
These are great and cheap and arrived really quickly. No-one is too old for personalised pencils...

WildCherryBlossom Thu 03-Dec-20 10:46:28

There are some beautiful notebooks on Not On The High Street which you can personalise with initials or whatever.

IwishIwasyoda Tue 08-Dec-20 08:51:36

I like flame tree studio and peter pauper press notebooks. They are beautiful. They also both do notecards etc. Amazon is good for peter pauper press (american company I believe) and flame tree studios are online. Just bought a beautiful foiled notebook from them for a gift. Cult pens excellent too

AcornAutumn Tue 08-Dec-20 09:03:00

I like Peter Pauper as well

I get adverts for Papier but they are so expensive. Looks lovely though.

ScarletPimpernel97 Tue 08-Dec-20 09:06:50

TK Maxx/ Homesense has some good stuff you just have to dig for it!

Fishfingersandwichplease Tue 08-Dec-20 09:15:59

I love a bit of Paperchase myself

Clemmiefarms Mon 14-Dec-20 13:49:09

I'd always recommend Papier, their stuff is so pretty and they do gift sets. You can use my referral link for £10 off:

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