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Dilbertian Wed 19-Aug-20 08:25:45

Is there such a thing any more?

In the 80s I used to use what we all called a Fake-o-fax, ie a Filofax rip-off, because I could not afford the real thing. I sometimes bought the inserts, though non-Filofax inserts were widely available, too. Dd is interested in using a Filofax, but there's no way I'm going to spend ££££££ on a school planner.

Any ideas where I can get one - or how to make a Filofax affordable?!

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DDIJ Wed 19-Aug-20 08:28:56

You can get printable pages and special hole punches but I think they are quite expensive too.

Wafflehouse Wed 19-Aug-20 08:35:06

I got a personal organiser a few years ago from paperchase in a sale, just had a quick look and they don’t seem to sell them any more. WHSmith look to have a few, search for personal organisers. There are a few different sizes so make sure you get the right size when you’re replacing your inserts.

HasaDigaEebowai Wed 19-Aug-20 08:48:26

Dilbertian Wed 19-Aug-20 08:55:28

That Kurtzy one in Amazon looks like a good starting point, thanks. She doesn't need a calculator and would prefer something a little prettier or funkier.

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Dilbertian Wed 19-Aug-20 08:56:48


You can get printable pages and special hole punches but I think they are quite expensive too.

Would you believe it, I still have my hole punch! It must be 30y old, and just sat at the back of my desk drawer through every house move grin

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AHippoNamedBooBooButt Wed 19-Aug-20 09:01:10

I buy mine from fox&moon but there is loads on etsy. Especially good for inserts and dividers etc.

But there is a massive planner community out there (especially american based) and you can get planners ranging from a basic one from poundland all the way to a louis vuitton style filofax. There's an entire section on youtube for "plan with me". Get your dd to watch a few then decide what she would like.

HasaDigaEebowai Wed 19-Aug-20 09:02:14

HasaDigaEebowai Wed 19-Aug-20 09:03:28

Dilbertian Wed 19-Aug-20 15:51:42

These are great, thank you!

I just had a look in WHSmith and they have a selection of Filofax and non-Filofax as well. So I think we'll be able to find something that pleases dd's tastes and my pocket.

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CottonHeadedNinyMuggins Thu 10-Sep-20 14:59:21

On occasion - and I admit I'm talking last year but I haven't been in since February so they might have gotten them back for school/uni - Poundland has one £5 in a holographic 6 ring binder. The stickers it comes with are aimed at kids but the actual binder/planner itself is fab as are the inserts - very universal. I have seen it in throughout the year last year so it might be something that is a regular purchase - sorry if it's not!

If you're into crafting or want to personalise 100%, Elizabeth Craft Designs has a set of 6 ring planner dies and stamps to create your own a5 slim planner.
(not the sidekick collection unless you want a personal size filofax)

This is initially pricy (or not so much if you purchase planner essentials #4 and make your own tabs along the edge) but it is a one time purchase and you can make as many as you want going forward if you stick to it smile

I purchased my initial set as a bundle in a sale and made 12 personalised Christmas planners as presents last year. It would have been a perfect lockdown project for this year if only I'd known!

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