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Elasticatedwaist Tue 18-Aug-20 13:09:55

Its my birthday next week and my mum is going to buy me some stationery and books . She can't understand why i would want this rather than perfume or beauty products lol but nevertheless , she has given me her card and told me to get whatever i want ! ( yes she's amazing !)

I am thinking lovely notebook and a pen maybe some bits that i can create some sort of journal or scrapbook with . Not sure .

what should i buy ? and where from ?

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BeBraveAndBeKind Tue 18-Aug-20 13:40:08

Oooooh lucky you! I would start with Etsy for lovely notebooks and Cult Pens for pens. I don't do much in the way of scrapbooking but I use a Lamy All-star fountain pen every for work and the ink comes in at least six different colours which makes taking notes at unexciting meetings more fun (I'm easily pleased!)

Elasticatedwaist Tue 18-Aug-20 13:42:46

great thanks i shall go and have a look smile

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