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Skinnydog Wed 15-Jul-20 21:14:41

Just lately every time I watch a movie one of my children will start dissecting it eg a romance/comedy and it’s ‘ in real life that’s stalking/harassment’ or ‘if a guy did that’ rather than female movie, it then turns into a discussion on men pursuing women, generally harassing them etc. To an extent I agree but it’s getting to a point where an 80s comedy is dissected to pieces, plus my 12 year old then gets to hear all this. My teen is then well he needs to know so he doesn’t turn into one of those guys! By which I point I was blimey I’m his parent not you and will discuss these issues at age appropriate times. I just want to watch my movie in peace

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LonginesPrime Sat 18-Jul-20 18:22:12

plus my 12 year old then gets to hear all this

Surely it's better that they can read a movie in its context and understand that values have changed than to think it's ok for men to treat women the way they did in many 80s films?

Lots of old movies are jarring now and I'd be proud of your DC for recognising and being able to articulate misogyny, and I'd also be a bit relieved that if they can see it in movies, they'll be more likely to spot it in their own RL relationships too,

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