Paperwork sleeve

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Silenceofthebams Fri 24-Jan-20 20:14:52

Does anyone know where I can get , or even what the right name is for what I will describe as a stationery sleeve.
It’s a4 sized and sealed round two sides. Almost like a poly pocket and a bit thicker.

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elephantoverthehill Fri 24-Jan-20 20:20:18

Is it like an envelope with a popper?

elephantoverthehill Fri 24-Jan-20 20:23:45


Khione Fri 24-Jan-20 20:27:49

document wallet

like this

ForestDragon Fri 24-Jan-20 20:28:30

Like this?

Super useful for work! They seem to be called different things different places though. I've bought pretty ones in Paperchase and functional clear ones in WH Smith.

dementedpixie Fri 24-Jan-20 20:55:35 this?

Silenceofthebams Fri 24-Jan-20 20:59:09

Thanks everybody.
There’s no poppers or anything. The closest thing here is the slip in wallet only the one I’m looking for looks a bit thinner with nothing on the front

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bookgirl1982 Fri 24-Jan-20 20:59:50

They're called cut flush folders

Silenceofthebams Sat 25-Jan-20 10:07:51

Fantastic @bookgirl1982, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. That’s me ordered some.
Thanks again

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