So have we started talking about 2020 diaries and planners yet? Can I have suggestions

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StillDumDeDumming Wed 23-Oct-19 19:17:24

I can’t see a similar thread at the moment. So can I have your recommendations for a diary/ planner for 2020 please?

I have Ryman’s that has a similar layout to a moleskine I think but it’s the 2nd year running.

I’m looking for a book bound (not spiral), good paper (as if I have to tell you lot that!), week to view with a page for list making preferably weekly, and an elastic to close, I also like a pocket (who doesn’t). I’m most keen on plain covers and absolutely not ‘you go, girl’ or ‘life goals’ etc etc.

B5 is my favourite, but A5 also good.

Under £15 and preferably under a tenner.

Anyone? Or feel free to add your own requirements for general planner obsession.

Thank you

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AmbitiouslyFit Tue 19-Nov-19 09:54:13


CottonHeadedNinyMuggins Tue 19-Nov-19 10:12:47

I have bought one of the perfectly penned dotted notebooks, lovely quality and looking forward to getting started.

I've tried filofax, happy planner , busy days planner, boxclever life book and an a4 day to a page Collins diary. They were all good in their own ways but the little space (other than the Collins) just wasn't big enough for me to get down what I needed and keep a track of everything else I was doing/needed to do. The Collins, whilst bigger, was again a bit rigid and easy to lose to do lists and ideas so this time I'm trying bullet journalling in the perfectly planned.

I am still considering a smaller hand bag sized one to keep dates in so I don't double book appointments but may just buy a cheap £1/2 a6 for that.

CottonHeadedNinyMuggins Tue 19-Nov-19 10:15:58

Asda has a lovely lined thick a5 journal for £4. Has lots of pages in. The paper isn't massively thick but at the same time not bad. The cover is leatherette and if I remember there are red, tan and black .

Teabay Thu 21-Nov-19 00:30:58

Only ever Moleskine 18month planner. In A5 ish but can get bigger or smaller.

WokingPizza Thu 21-Nov-19 00:50:17

I've bought a Mulberry diary for the Mulberry filofax DH bought me our first Christmas together over twenty years ago. smile

I love Paperchase and I've noticed adverts for a company called Papier recently.

viques Thu 21-Nov-19 00:55:27

For the last few years I have used A5 week to view diaries from Wilko, they usually have several designs, and at least one that I like. Very reasonable price. Went in there today but not in store though they are online.

viques Thu 21-Nov-19 01:09:21

The one I want this year is "pleather" unfortunately, but has a nice little bee logo on. I need to see it and touch it before I buy though in case "pleather" feels as awful as it sounds!

CottonHeadedNinyMuggins Fri 06-Dec-19 09:57:21

Boxclever are having an advent calendar of offers over the next few days

I do have their wall calendar (and have for 2 years) it's been a godsend. I have had the planner before (but I've gone to bullet journalling as need more flexibility) and also have had the life book before (still do, carry it as my handbag diary). I do rate their stuff.

HannahGMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 06-Dec-19 10:17:16

Morning everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know there's actually a Swears By page with a collection of Mumsnetter-favourite diaries, in case you need a little extra inspiration (or, like us, you just like lusting over pretty stationery...)

CottonHeadedNinyMuggins Fri 06-Dec-19 10:20:58

You are a bad influence, Hannah grin

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