Does this journal set up exist?

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FaithInfinity Sat 15-Jun-19 08:49:56

I’ve been bullet journaling for a while with moderate success. I have bad handwriting, I’m not very artistic so despite watching tutorials etc mine has never really taken off. I like the concept of forward planning and setting tasks though. I also <gasp> have not got on well with the Leuchtturm, I find it too bulky and heavy. I have spinal issues and find it weighs my back down.

I think I’d like something pre-printed. These are my specifications:
- A5 size
- undated
- monthly pages
- week to a page (? Maybe)
- budget planner
- daily pages with space to plan and prioritise tasks, also space for motivation and positivity
- notes section for stuff I use regularly (for example, I have a shopping list as a prompt for what I usually buy, passwords)
- I like a clip or string to close it properly
- pen loop (optional because I know I can buy that separately)
- Prefer a soft back

So...has anyone seen anything like this? Open to idea of a Filofax etc.

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GreasedPiglet Sat 15-Jun-19 09:31:09

I think you'd like a Filofax clipbook, I love mine.

FaithInfinity Sat 15-Jun-19 11:49:46

Are there daily pages with to do lists on for Filofax? I really want my diary and to do lists on the same page which I can’t find with Filofax...unless I’ve missed it.

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FaithInfinity Sat 15-Jun-19 11:54:54

I’m leaning towards this Sale! Scribbles That Matter - Bullet Planner - UNDATED Daily Weekly Monthly Planner - Size B5 - Get Your Life organised - Become Super Focused and Productive Every Day ink{ scribbles that matter} planner.

Also pen recommendations welcomed!

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