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OMG I have found my people. Notebook advice needed

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Kindlethefourth Wed 21-Nov-18 14:46:19

I like a nice A4 lined notebook for work. Not in a spiral binder. Not on flimsy paper. Hardback cover. Sainsbury's did a lovely faux leather one which they no longer make. Any ideas. Get through them quickly so not mega spendy please but want something naice to write on

Newdadofgirl Wed 21-Nov-18 14:55:58

I just found this stationery thread OMG! WOW!

Rhodia do great hardback notebooks. Their paper is also amazing. Great for use with fountain pens.

Happycow Wed 21-Nov-18 20:32:11

I second Rhodia - i use a founrain pen daily and these are great - but also lovely with pencil or fountain pen. I also love Moopad but not sure if they come in a4.

My go-to work pad was the oxford international activebook - it is ring bound but has punched perforated pages and takes all pens beautifully. Only swapped to rhodia for a change (and the oxford ones lasted too long therefore depriving me of notebook purchasing opportunity....)

Widgeon Wed 23-Jan-19 00:08:25

I've just found this section too! I remember being on the thread asking MNHQ for it - thank you MNHQ!

Paperchase, OP?

Widgeon Wed 23-Jan-19 00:09:36

Or Waitrose - though just noticed you siad for work, so both may be too glitzy.

rytonsister Wed 23-Jan-19 00:19:36

Found the best ever at salts mill art gallery in Bradford. Really a fab day out. Dsis is an ex art teacher and we had a ball! Best place ever!

LikeothersIamjustme Tue 04-Jun-19 15:06:48

leuchtturm1917 dotted
best notebook ever!

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