Pastel dual tip markers?

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TimeForMy10thCuppa Thu 02-Aug-18 20:10:06

I think this is probably the right place to ask this, if not im going to sound like a right looser.

Im after a set of truely pastel dual tip markers for using in my bullet journal. Funds are generally tight, but i have a spare bit of birthday money i could use. I have some docraft artiste dual tips that are not very pastel depsite being pastel. I also got some spectrum noir colourista ones. Again, not as pastel as i was hoping for.
Can anyone recommend any? Thanks in advance.

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MoreCheerfulMonica Thu 02-Aug-18 20:12:46

Ooh. I had no idea this haven for pen fans existed. Have you looked at ProMarkers? Some of their shades are very pastel. Cass Arts very often have them in the sale, either singly or in packs.

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