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Nestinghedgehog Wed 13-Jun-18 12:51:35

I have just started using these pens for work and they are lovely to write with - so smooth. Just wanted to share. I have not tried the gel version yet but this is the first pen I have finished in ages and have had to replace.

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Happycow Fri 15-Jun-18 21:58:25

Ooh lovely! I've tried the gel (LOVERLEEEE!) but might have to give the ballpoint ago now. I've just spent some time gathering my secret stashes of stationery from around the house and have far too many notebooks so I need to balance it out with pens, right?

Cheesecake53 Fri 15-Jun-18 22:02:11

I absolutely love them too - over a year by now since I discovered them one Sunday afternoon....

LoniceraJaponica Fri 15-Jun-18 22:03:33

They are a joy to write with aren't they.
I work for a company that sells them grin

BeyondThePage Fri 15-Jun-18 22:05:46

They are a joy to write with, but they do leak a bit if let un-retracted in a blazer pocket do you hear me DD

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