Borked nibs? Here's where to moan.

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KateMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 31-Mar-18 15:53:22

By popular demand, a special place for those of you who have a passion for pens, paper and related paraphernalia. We hope you enjoy it!

As with all new boards we'll pop back in a few months to see if it's taken off and if not, quietly retire it - so do use it and spread the word!

Happy Easter chaps.

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CanIBuffalo Sat 31-Mar-18 16:10:23

Thanks KateMumsnet grin

MissisBoote Sat 31-Mar-18 16:12:19

Ooh love a bit of stationery grin

In my first job I used to be in charge of the stationery cupboard - happy days.

HellonHeels Sat 31-Mar-18 16:14:33

Ooo! Me please!

I'd like a fountain pen that I can use lavender ink with. I'm also an ink smudging lefty.

1. Do lavender ink carriages exist?
2. Am I living in a fool's paradise to think this would work for me?


LizTaylorsFabulousTurban Sat 31-Mar-18 16:15:17

I have found my people.

ScreamingValenta Sat 31-Mar-18 16:18:36

Great idea for a new topic! Thanks KateMumsnet.

CanIBuffalo Sat 31-Mar-18 16:19:48

I'm trying and failing to start a thread for recommending fountain pens Hellon
I'll keep trying.

PetraDelphiki Sat 31-Mar-18 16:22:47

Cult pens for all colour cartridges - or get a converter and bottled ink?

user1488286290 Sat 31-Mar-18 16:25:32

HellonHeels - Try Herbin Inks. Might be a little dark for you if you're after lavender, but I use Poussiere de Lune which is a beautiful amethyst colour.

CanIBuffalo Sat 31-Mar-18 16:29:06

I'd love to find a way of being able to do swaps with decants of bottled ink. I get fed up too easily to commit to a whole bottle.

Hellon have a look on the Cult Pens website that Petra mentioned. So many colours.

But lock your credit card away in a safe place first smile

HellonHeels Sat 31-Mar-18 16:31:03

I'm weeping with delight at the name "Poussiere de Lune" I'm in a haze of inky excitement!

CanIBuffalo Sat 31-Mar-18 16:36:34

Is that moonfish? Fishymoon?

user1488286290 Sat 31-Mar-18 16:44:09

Means Moondust!

MeanTangerine Sat 31-Mar-18 16:45:42


Diamine do fab sparkly colours too.

elephantoverthehill Sat 31-Mar-18 16:49:26

We have to do our marking in pink and green. I've been thinking, for a while, that if I invest in a couple of fountain pens and those colour cartridges it may make it all a more pleasurable activity. Any tips on sites to buy these? Thanks for the new thread.

SnoopyLover Sat 31-Mar-18 16:59:36

Cult pens have diamond ink in about 106 colours (only about £2.50 a bottle too).

You can get a left handed nib for a Lamy, Hellon

elephantoverthehill Sun 01-Apr-18 14:54:55

I think we have all fallen down the rabbit hole that is 'Cult pens'. I am going to order some disposable pink and green ones first and then work from there.

FloatyFlo Mon 02-Apr-18 00:47:01

shock yay!!!!! Finally! Thank you MN! A stationary cupboard to call home grin

FloatyFlo Mon 02-Apr-18 00:50:08

Oh God damn it! Stationery! Stationery! I meant stationery! blush

SpringNowPlease2018 Mon 02-Apr-18 01:01:54

Thanks for the new board, yay!

Rather than start another fountain pen thread, I'm going to ask a silly question. Are some pens now set up both cartridge and ink fill? My dad has Ben given a pen as a gift and it's confusing...or missing a crucial component!

I decided to buy some writing paper, I've had to write a couple of actual letters recently and realised I have none.

I love Laura Ashley stationery but it seems the good stuff goes out of stock really fast.

CanIBuffalo Mon 02-Apr-18 17:50:30

I thought all fountain pens had both a filler and the option to remove the filler and use cartridges. Do you know what brand it is?

SpringNowPlease2018 Mon 02-Apr-18 20:53:45

CanIBuffalo - oh do they? That's handy because he can use it then.

I will ask what brand it is - I saw the gift box and it didn't come with an ink filler so perhaps some are being gifted without so that the user can choose what they want?

Dad was very adamant that cartridges won't fit in there but he is having some cognitive issues. I will just buy some cartridges as I think that will make it easier for him to use it in any case.

CanIBuffalo Mon 02-Apr-18 22:21:59

Cartridges come in different fits so make sure the ones you.biy are compatible with the pen

KakunaRattata Mon 02-Apr-18 22:31:40

I'm going to be very poor with this board! I would love a shiny new fountain pen and ink, nothing has ever beaten the one I got aged 10 and still use, but the way I hold a pen means inky fingers so it doesn't get many outings.

3luckystars Mon 02-Apr-18 22:33:47

Is it just about pens, because I love the post its with the lines on them, they are so brilliant.

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