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Dont know what to do?

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Serena1977 Sun 01-Nov-20 16:42:54

Any advice please?

If you was me, wwyd?

I am a trainee teaching assistant and am on placement mon to thur 9 to 12pm in year 2. I am also in local FE college thur evening.

I am classed as vulnerable due to bmi and asthma.

I don't feel safe in school and haven't done at all. Now I feel more worried.

Should I quit or ask whether I can wear a mask all the time (am I allowed to?), ask to move to year 6 hoping the kids are more aware.

I don't work elsewhere. Kids go to the same school but older years. Dh is a key worker.

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SquashedFlyBiscuits Sun 01-Nov-20 17:19:51

That's a really tough one.

A year 6 move won't help. Could you defer your training for a year?

Serena1977 Sun 01-Nov-20 17:29:33

Thank you for replying.

Yes I can defer for a year.

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annie987 Mon 02-Nov-20 00:01:02

Wouldn’t be a problem if you asked to wear a mask in my school. Staff can wear whatever PPE they like.

SquashedFlyBiscuits Mon 02-Nov-20 06:52:31

I'd defer if I was you and try to work on getting my bmi down which would probably help a bit with your asthma then try again in Sep.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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