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Covid test results timescale

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wondering24 Sun 04-Oct-20 19:59:32

Long shot I know. I had to take a Covid test on Friday after coming down with a temp of 39°. I did one of the allocated school's tests which was posted Friday and received 7am Saturday morning. (I tracked the parcel number)

It went to a 'frontline' test centre in Scotland. Has anyone else had a test go here and how long did you wait for your results?

I'm tearing my hour out and my anxiety is through the roof! I'm not well enough to go back to school yet (temp is still really high) but I'm desperate to rule out C19!!!

Thanks in advance! X

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sakura06 Mon 05-Oct-20 08:15:45

It took nearly 3 days for our result to come back about 2.5 weeks ago. We also took a school test and it was posted to Scotland. Posted Tuesday morning. Arrived Wednesday morning. Results early Saturday morning.

Try not to worry about it. You're clearly poorly so get some rest and focus on getting better. Hope you feel better soon.

Augustbreeze Mon 05-Oct-20 15:17:53

Why so anxious OP? There's really no need to be, presuming you aren't high risk which I'm guessing you would have mentioned?

physicskate Mon 05-Oct-20 21:09:27

I sent a take at home test back on Friday evening (to Scotland as well, perhaps same centre?). Had my results by test in the wee small hours of this morning. You probably have your results by now.

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