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LucyB78 Sun 13-Sep-20 20:37:55

Looking for advice from Home Economics teachers please...
Considering switching careers to teach secondary (Scotland) and would love to teach home economics/food technology but my degree isn’t relevant so need to go back to study. What degree did you do?


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Clammyclam Sun 20-Sep-20 00:20:12


I teach DT the areas covered are Food Preparation and Nutrition, 3D Design, Graphics, systems and control and textiles.

My degree is DT and Secondary Education
My background is 3D Design but I mostly teach Food.
I have no formal qualifications in Food but as it's essentially all one subject area it's ok.

If you are looking into moving into teaching you need to look at what acceptable degree a post grad course would ask for.
Also check out the Food teachers centre, lots of support & advice/ training there too.

Just don't call it Home Ec. It's not 1975.

fuckweasel Sun 20-Sep-20 11:53:36

If you want to register as a Home Economics teacher (it is still called that in Scotland!), this sets out the credit requirements of an appropriate degree:

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