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PPA allocation

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Stargirl2707 Sun 06-Sep-20 23:18:09

I teach full time. My school day is 850-320. I have 15min break in morning, 30min break at lunch and 30min directed time at lunch too.
My PPA allocation has been timetabled and totals 1 hour and 50 minutes.
Is this ok!? It doesn’t feel much at all?? We used to have either a full morning or a full afternoon.

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BackforGood Sun 06-Sep-20 23:47:15

You should have 3 hours
6 hrs a day x 5 days is 30 hours
10% of 30 hours is 3 hours

phlebasconsidered Mon 07-Sep-20 06:48:18

Mine has been reduced too. 2 hours now. It's bullshit.

Iamnotthe1 Mon 07-Sep-20 06:54:02

We used to have either a full morning or a full afternoon.

PPA in primary has always been a little fudged. An afternoon, for example, is already typically less than the 10% it should be.

Wait4nothing Mon 07-Sep-20 18:43:42

No it’s not ok - you need to bring it up and get 10% as you are entitled to.

Pud2 Tue 08-Sep-20 16:38:51

It should be 10% of actual teaching time so you take out playtimes, assemblies ( in normal time), PPA etc. So it’s 10% of the time you are actually face to face teaching which wouldn’t be 6 hours a day.

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