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The joys of year group bubbles

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sleepwouldbenice Mon 31-Aug-20 12:33:34

Hi all
Still confused about the above sorry
Our secondary school has grouped pupils into year group bubbles which o think is reasonably common. And they say one positive test and they all have to self isolate
Couple questions please
I thought I read yesterday with all the change in guidance chaos that they couldn't have this as a policy any more but the school is still stating that they would say the whole year group would be in close contact so therefore whole year group isolation would follow. So my first question is are they still allowed this policy?

My second question is would anyone external be involved in the final decision? I just think that whole year group isolation should be an option not a default. With risk assessment and pragmatism all so considered

Don't get me wrong. I think in the majority of cases then one positive should lead to isolation. I have seen the impact of covid personally

But the school have even said it would apply if the pupil hadn't been in(e.g. first day back after hols or if they had already been isolating at home following a family member having symptoms) etc. It doesn't seem right on balance given you are then impacting c200 family lives.

Thoughts and knowledge appreciated smile

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HipTightOnions Tue 01-Sep-20 09:08:09

Guidance Is here:

It says that in the event of a positive test the local public health team would get involved, and “close contacts” would be identified and sent home to isolate. The definition of close contacts doesn’t necessarily include the whole year group, but there is a hint that this could be, as you say, an option.

sleepwouldbenice Tue 01-Sep-20 14:18:27

Thanks for your reply
As I say I have no problem with sharing the responsibility when it's sensible but I am concerned that they are not being pragmatic with this one and will send whole year groups home when there will logically have been no contact.and that's deeply unfair on the families involved.

I just hope that the public health team will ensure a sensible approach is taken

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