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GinJeanie Mon 31-Aug-20 08:17:12

Hiya. Quick question. Can SLT insist you go in on what is usually your contracted day off because it's an INSET day? Should you get paid or a day off in lieu?


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thebookeatinggirl Mon 31-Aug-20 08:32:25

Depends what sort of contract you are on. If it's an LEA school, under Burgundy Book STPCD, then absolutely not - you can't be made/told to work on a day you don't normally go in. And it has nothing to do with a % of INSETs you have to attend. If all the INSET days are on your non working days then you don't have to go to any. Your directed time allocation budget can be adjusted but that's all. The Head can invite you and you can go voluntarily, or be paid for the day, or be given time in lieu.

If you're in an Academy, or a private school, then you'll have to read your own contract carefully, as they can effectively do what they please.

GinJeanie Mon 31-Aug-20 08:34:03

Thank you - that's really helpful. Not an academy or private school... I suspect they're trying it on.

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