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Teaching Shoes

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littlebid Sat 22-Aug-20 10:03:38

I’m after some recommendations...I’m teaching a full timetable with each lesson in a different room this year. I already miss my classroom 😬

Any recommendations for super comfy non-ugly shoes that will last? I tend to wear more dresses than trousers and lots of totally flat flats can look a bit frumpy, and ballerina type pumps aren’t ideal for the mini marathon I’m going to be walking each day.

Any advice??

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AugustBreeze Sat 22-Aug-20 10:57:48

Maybe you need to join this recent thread:

Comfy shoes

littlebid Sat 22-Aug-20 11:16:42

Ah thanks! I did scan to see if there was an existing thread but must have missed it.

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PeachiceT Wed 26-Aug-20 10:37:38

I love wearing sketchers go walk shoes , there are some that look like shoes with pretty lace patterns and they have memory foam in 😊

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