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University interview for Primary Teaching course

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StupidArgument Thu 20-Aug-20 16:51:28

I was offered an interview a couple of days ago for a place on a Primary Teaching degree course. I'm so excited, but I'm also incredibly nervous, this will be my first interview for anything in 10+ years. I am applying as a mature student, I'm 33.

As part of the interview, I have to read a children's book aloud, I have to talk about a special object and of course be able to talk about schools and myself etc.

I have coffee dates set up with some friends who work in schools over the next couple of days so I can pick their brains, and I've been on a couple of forums etc but I was also just wondering if anyone had any tips or advice or could offer me an insiders perspective? I really am incredibly nervous about it, I have really bad butterflies whenever I think of it. Anything would be greatly appreciated!

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