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Just seen my timetable!

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Anothertalkinghead Fri 07-Aug-20 10:23:44

I have seen my timetable and it is not what I had been promised. I feel so sick and got no sleep last night. I had made it clear that I do not feel confident teaching certain year groups and classes and had been told it wasn’t a problem - I would be timetabled for other year groups. The stress of teaching these classes has caused my physical and mental health to suffer in the past. The staff member responsible for the timetable said that she had not been made aware of the situation and now that the timetable has been written it’s tough luck. I know that I just cannot do this in September. I don’t know why I’m posting really. I know that there is nothing anyone can do.

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user1471525172 Fri 07-Aug-20 10:45:25

Are you in a dept where swaps could be made? I'd be speaking to my HoD (who I assume is the one who should've passed on the info) and asking. Our timetabler won't make random changes but if you go to him with solutions, he's always pretty reasonable.
I'm sorry. That's a horrible feeling.

StaffAssociationRepresentative Fri 07-Aug-20 12:18:04

It is still possible to swop people within departments - ask your HoD for possible swops and then tell timetabler.

Anothertalkinghead Fri 07-Aug-20 13:21:37

No chance of any swaps. The lessons are timetabled on days that I work. The only other member of my department that I could swap these particular classes with does not work on those days. She knows I don’t want to do it and is sympathetic but due to other commitments she cannot change her hours. My HOD knows it is his fault and is apologetic but unfortunately that doesn’t help me. I just don’t feel I can do this at all. I cannot afford to have no job but don’t know what other option I have.

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GrammarTeacher Fri 07-Aug-20 13:54:48

What is the particular issue with teaching those year groups?

Anothertalkinghead Fri 07-Aug-20 14:12:11

They are not year groups that were part of my job description initially. Due to a variety of circumstances for the last couple of years I have had to teach them and it has been awful. It has caused me so much stress and anxiety and I have been so unhappy. It has affected my whole life. I was promised year groups that I feel happy and confident teaching in September so this is a huge blow. I know my mental and physical health cannot take another year of this. I feel as if it may be deliberate to force me out. sad

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user1471525172 Fri 07-Aug-20 14:27:33

@Anothertalkinghead this is the HoD's mistake - could he swap?

GrammarTeacher Fri 07-Aug-20 14:48:16

What year groups are they? And other than it not being in the original description what is the particular issue with them - just trying to work out the best way to help. There's usually something in teaching contracts which says that you have to do anything reasonable the head asks.

Anothertalkinghead Fri 07-Aug-20 14:50:06

Looking at the timetable no that is not an option. I can’t stop crying now. My husband and children are completely fed up with me and don’t understand why I cannot just get on with it. I’m spoiling their holiday. I feel so alone and I’m having some very dark thoughts - I cannot see a way out. I must sound ridiculous but I know that I cannot take another year of the same stress and anxiety. My husband thinks that I should be thankful I’ve got a job in the current climate and I know he is right but it doesn’t help how hopeless I feel.

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Anothertalkinghead Fri 07-Aug-20 14:52:51

You’re right @GrammarTeacher I have no rights to refuse to teach them hence how hopeless I feel.

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Hercwasonaroll Fri 07-Aug-20 14:57:49

Assuming secondary and outside your specialism/above age range you're conformable with?

I think if you can't change the groups you need to work on your MH and what exactly is making you feel like this. Behaviour? Why are you not confident? Figure that out and work work work on it.

phlebasconsidered Fri 07-Aug-20 15:21:53

When I taught secondary I always taught 7 through 13. But moving to primary I only feel comfortable with 5 and 6. When our lovely new academy head came in he moved me to year 2. I cried.

It was awful but I did it and got on with it and looked for another year 6 job.

Remember- qts is qts. You CAN teach any year group. If you are happy with your school and dept normally, ask for help with planning, schemes of work etc. If you are not comfy asking them, ask online. What is it you are worried about?
You can do it - it's all preparation and confidence. My happy place was always a level but i got through year two! Teachers can teach. The rest is all prep.

Anothertalkinghead Fri 07-Aug-20 15:23:19

I really have tried. I have spent hours and hours planning for these lessons over the past few years, seeking advice and trying improve my subject knowledge. It has not made a jot of difference. I absolutely hate them. My battle with my mental health is ongoing and lifelong for reasons that I won’t go into here and I have had years of support. I had been feeling so positive about this year. I can be well and coping if not under undue stress.

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Anothertalkinghead Fri 07-Aug-20 15:28:14

You are all absolutely right I should be able to do it but I just cannot. I know that my mental health will not be able to cope with another year.

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Fossie Fri 07-Aug-20 15:32:59

Start looking elsewhere. Maybe even approach some schools. If your school knows you may be going at Christmas they may just try harder to rearrange things now anyway.

GrammarTeacher Fri 07-Aug-20 15:39:29

What subjects? What years? You can't get out until Christmas so let's see what we can do to resolve the situation.

user1471525172 Fri 07-Aug-20 15:49:29

I echo what Fossie says. Start looking. Nothing is more important than your mental wellbeing - but people here might be able to help.

Hercwasonaroll Fri 07-Aug-20 16:18:22

Yes if you really can't face it then get out. Find somewhere else that suits you.

What subject/stage?

phlebasconsidered Fri 07-Aug-20 16:54:49

Yes, let us know which years and subject and the group brain can help out until Xmas. Don't beat yourself up - some yeargroups are just not "you"! I would leave like a shot at anything below5/6 now. I'm.even thinking of returning to secondary. Ks1 makes me shake in horror!

Lots also depends on where you are. I am so rural i am tied to a small area. When I lived in London I could have got a new job anytime. Maybe you could go for a middle school area?

reefedsail Sat 08-Aug-20 09:01:21

If it can't be worked on, I think you probably need to find a school where they only do the phases you are comfortable with. TBH I don't think it's reasonable to hold a job in a regular school but be restrictive about what you will do there. I don't think you can really expect them to work round your preferences, however strongly you hold them. Imagine if everyone did that?

If you are saying you can't do A-Level, look for a job in a Prep school or a middle school. If you can't do the little ones, look for a job in FE.

PumpkinPie2016 Sat 08-Aug-20 09:10:28

I'm sorry that you are having such an awful time. It does sound like it's unavoidable sad with those years/classes being on the days you work and others being on the days another person works. I am a 2nd in faculty and did the timetable with the HoF this year. We desperately tried to give everyone their preferences but in some cases, it really, really isn't possible.

What subject do you teach and what years are you uncomfortable with? If you can tell us that, someone on here may be able to assist in some way.

I would suggest you make a plan:

1. Maybe tell yourself that you will look for a more suitable job this year. That way, you are making plans to change the situation. Do be aware though that very few schools can/will make promises of only teaching certain years/classes. As I said, timetabling is a headache.

2. You mention you have had some CPD to help but feel it hasn't done? Are there other courses? Can your HoD or another department member support you with your planning for these classes? Can they observe you teach if they haven't done so already - not to criticise but to offer suggestions.

It's never nice getting classes you didn't particularly want but sometimes it's a case of getting through it and taking steps to change it.

Anothertalkinghead Sun 09-Aug-20 12:37:22

Thank you all. I was reluctant to say more because it could be outing but here goes. I work at a school which has a junior school and senior school on the same site. Separate buildings but closely connected. I was employed to work in the junior school originally. I covered non contact time and some small group support. 2 years ago at short notice I was asked to work in the senior school. Working with students who are not taking a second modern foreign language supporting them with maths and English. The non contact lessons that I had been doing were covered by a TA and another member of staff. I am supporting students up to year 10 and feel completely out of my depth and very unhappy. I was promised that in September I would again be based in the junior school but I now know that I have been timetabled to support in the senior school. I know that my school can choose to do what they want but this doesn’t alleviate how awful I feel. I do wonder if they just want rid of me.

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PumpkinPie2016 Sun 09-Aug-20 15:35:28

Ah from your update, it sounds as if you are primary trained but now supporting senior pupils with English/Maths?

Ok, so, to get through the first term at least, can you see if any other staff have done this sort of intervention before? They may have some other ideas/resources to help you?

Can you talk to the Head of maths and Head of English and ask them for some support (sorry if you have already done this), it will be in their interest to help you to help the kids so that they can achieve.

If I were you though, I would actively be looking for a junior school post elsewhere as that is clearly where you feel most comfortable.

Hercwasonaroll Sun 09-Aug-20 15:44:12

Ah okay that is quite a different role. Not just a case of being given ks5 for example.

Who is your line manager? Surely can't be anyone in the junior place now?!

Not a fun timetable for you because let's be honest you'll have groups of disengaged and disinterested students. Do you have to plan for yourself? Seems like a role that could be done well but really needs some subject specialism. Are you given anything from the maths and English depts? If we had a teacher like you in maths I'd probably be planning your lessons and you deliver them. At least that would take some of the time burden off you.

Anothertalkinghead Sun 09-Aug-20 17:31:23

Thanks both. Yes primary trained. My happy place is up to year 4 and I love reception! As I have said in the current climate and the difficulties that people are facing I should probably be grateful that I have a job. I swing between believing that and planning to throw myself under a bus. I feel so let down and as if I have no value because no has cared enough to really listen and take on board just how I am being affected mentally. The only answer is to look for another job I suppose but goodness knows how long that will take. I’m not sure how I cope on a daily basis in the meantime.

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