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The fourteenth republic - watching Scotland and ever changing DfE guidelines

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StaffAssociationRepresentative Sun 02-Aug-20 15:50:48

You are most welcome to this school staff support thread to get us through stressful times. It is meant for school staff. Baiters and bashers can jog on somewhere else.

If you are NOT staff and just have a general education query please start your own thread.

You can play here only if you are a member of one the following groups-

-ABBA - anti bashers and baiting association
-SWAB - school workers against bashers
-SWOT - school workers opposing teacherbashers
-STARS - schoolworkers together against ranting + slurs

Other requirements for staff room entry include the ability to find the staff room, the ability to find a clean mug in the staff room, knowledge of the photocopier codes, and the ability to sniff out where the toffee vodka is hidden.

If you are fed up with cakes and biscuits there is now a cheeseboard on offer

If you come with a stick to beat us with then please do so elsewhere and not in the staffroom

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StaffAssociationRepresentative Sun 02-Aug-20 15:52:23

I have a sneaking suspicion that lots of ‘teachers’ on other threads are not really teachers. They are posters who have a friend who knows a teacher type.

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TheHoneyBadger Sun 02-Aug-20 16:00:34

Indeed. I’m beginning to think every post that begins, “As a teacher...” is incredibly suspicious.

Thanks for new thread

StaffAssociationRepresentative Sun 02-Aug-20 16:09:56

It is the things they say which indicate that they are not current/actual teachers which gives them away. I tend to know respond with ‘as a teacher you will know that ....’. It is all the things such as class size, student teacher ratios, blocking, moving around buildings, scarcity of staff loos, the disgusting state of most secondary student toilets etc.

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Danglingmod Sun 02-Aug-20 16:12:31

Availability of IT? (There were more computers in most schools I know in the early 2000s than now.)

Agreed. There are also loads of people who claim to be married to hospital consultants about whom I am very suspicious.

Piggywaspushed Sun 02-Aug-20 16:12:56

Yay! Thank you boss

Danglingmod Sun 02-Aug-20 16:13:58

Just read on one thread, someone who knows THREE headteachers who say their staff all refused to come back to work before the summer.

I mean, that's literally not possible, is it? How the hell would we be able to refuse to come into school if told to?

Piggywaspushed Sun 02-Aug-20 16:14:05

I really don't believe anyone married to an ITU consultant was not shit scared in March.

Hercwasonaroll Sun 02-Aug-20 16:18:11

I can believe the ITU consultant one in fairness.

I know one who isn't bothered about coronavirus at all (he's late 30s and fit). Neither are our local GPs (mid 50s and bloke not so fit). I also know a retired GP who hasn't left the house since March out of fear. There are extremes at both ends.

The HT one is strange. I think people imagine secondary when they hear HT and hundreds of teachers. HTs in primary can 'only' be managing 3-4 teachers in small single stage schools. So 12 teachers out of the whole country isn't many.

StaffAssociationRepresentative Sun 02-Aug-20 16:24:03

What is the ITU consultant wife back? Is that the Head who clears out most of the staff when he joins a new school?

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Piggywaspushed Sun 02-Aug-20 16:24:07

Yeah, I meant an ITU consultant's spouse would be scared, especially if on covid wards without PPE, as claimed.

TheHoneyBadger Sun 02-Aug-20 16:28:39

I’m remembering one wife posting she knew 15 consultants who had all told her blah blah blah in the middle of proper lockdown. I asked her if she’d had a zoom call with all of them to gather their opinions.

Yes, as a teacher openings are usually followed with statements like I can’t wait to get back, think it’s safe etc. The best one recently was a u4t teacher saying she would refuse to teach if kids were allowed to wear masks. She went very quiet after being picked up on that by angelina and I.

Danglingmod Sun 02-Aug-20 16:33:48

Yes, "I would resign on the spot if told to wear a mask because I care so much about the children" couldn't see how she was being far more truculent (and harmful to the students) than those who said they'd prefer masks.

Lidlfix Sun 02-Aug-20 16:37:08

As a Scottish teacher wink... I volunteer as tribute. Wee joke but we do feel like lab rats.

My identity can be verified on many a Scotsnet thread. As will my desire to return to school but in a way that is safe for me, my pupils my colleagues and the families we return to.

Quite happy to share my tales of sheer bampottery from next week. I genuinely hope it helps. I have read all 49 pages of the SG document. It is one steaming pile of vague "may" and "when possibles". It is already (as I predicted) now the target of usforthem Scotland's wrath. Because, clearly, getting 100% in from the start is not enough. Now THEY want to decide for Us when THEY will allow US to use face coverings. Section 81 basically says "that any child, young person or member of staff can wear a face covering if they desire" . Never mind that we just recorded our biggest daily jump for 2 months.angry

I might start PHSE with a lesson on body autonomy. But I can be right thrawn.

TheHoneyBadger Sun 02-Aug-20 16:39:54

Yes pplease to the updates from inside the arena lid. Obviously we don’t merit applause but it would be nice to have a gong as the tributes die.

StaffAssociationRepresentative Sun 02-Aug-20 16:40:48

@Lidlfix - fingers crossed.

If that snooty teacher made such a mask announcement at my school she would soon be told to eff off and I work at an indie. (We have a Right Honourable on the staff - proper posh)

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StaffAssociationRepresentative Sun 02-Aug-20 16:42:24

I am concerned that U4T are tending towards the extreme. Not team players.

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Saucery Sun 02-Aug-20 16:42:34

I do know teachers and support staff who genuinely weren’t worried back in March and onwards. It wasn’t even a ‘brave face’ thing, I don’t think. They dismissed the risk to them as extremely minor (and tbf it probably was) and said it would all blow over by summer. They’re the ones now out and about and only physical closed doors kept them out of pubs and non-essential shops.
That’s fair enough. Health And Safety At Work doesn’t operate according to whether you feel there is a personal risk to you though, does it, so they need to roll their eyes as much as they want but follow the guidance. I so hope that guidance includes masks in Sept 🤞

DollyMixtureLulus Sun 02-Aug-20 16:43:01

Another Scottish teacher tribute checking in. I am feeling more apprehensive now.

TheHoneyBadger Sun 02-Aug-20 16:43:11

I can’t imagine fitting in very well at an indie. The new again I’ve found the proper posh to be less snobby than the aspiring middle classes irl

TheHoneyBadger Sun 02-Aug-20 16:44:29

That should have said then again. My phone hates me and wants me to move on to an overpriced new version

Saucery Sun 02-Aug-20 16:45:23

See, that’s where U4T’s remit ought to stop. 100% in - brilliant, your child is back at school just like you wanted. Masks, cleaning, how we kindly but firmly keep that mythical 2m distance between ourselves and the pupils is in a cabinet labelled ‘Nothing For Nosies’.

Danglingmod Sun 02-Aug-20 16:51:35

Good luck Lidlfix.

Yes, Saucery. The (luckily few) colleagues of mine who were all "it's a load of nonsense" have been the ones flouting social distancing when we were in school in smaller numbers in June/July, flying off on holiday, meeting up all over the place, giving their kids sleepovers (despite three of our colleagues having relatives die of Covid). I feel less safe from them than I do the kids.

NeurotrashWarrior Sun 02-Aug-20 16:54:00


NeurotrashWarrior Sun 02-Aug-20 16:54:29

(And dolly and all the Scots)

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