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Teacher to HLTA

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Fairyrainbow Thu 16-Jul-20 06:30:00

Anyone made the move from teaching to HLTA I think it would be better for my MH but unsure of what the pay is. I'm in the North and wondering roughly what salary and take home pay is. Also if I leave a teaching role but decide to go back to teaching will I have to start back at M1 on the pay scale or would I return on same pay point of M6

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Lancrelady80 Thu 16-Jul-20 22:56:42

I went in as TA and then got pulled back into part time teaching...M6. Think it depends on school.

About to go from part time TA and also part time teacher to part time HLTA and part time teacher...not sure on pay yet though, waiting for contract.

Btw, move to TA was fantastic for MH but I did constantly feel like I wasn't doing enough! Good luck.

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