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Teaching Interview

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SierraOscar Tue 14-Jul-20 15:48:35


I was hoping someone might be able to give me a few resources to swot up on.

I've got an interview for a pgce teaching course in Friday. I have wanted to become a teacher for a long tome but kept delaying it. Being furloughed from my current job and made re-evaluate things. I have a choice not to go back to a job that makes me unhappy, I now have this opportunity to pursue my dream and I don't want to cock it up.

I've applied for primary SEND as I've previously done a lot of work in the arts with SEND children.

Thank you

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CheesecakeAddict Thu 16-Jul-20 13:01:26

TES have good interview tips, and I would just Google teaching/PGCE interview questions and practice in the mirror. For PGCE interview they won't expect a ready made teacher, but they will be looking for potential (are you reflective, do you take feedback and criticism well and act on it, are you resilient) and to see that you are enthusiastic but also realistic about the pressures of the job. Read articles on TES and guardian education so they know you are up to date on stuff that is effecting education and have a good think about what you have done which you can use as examples/evidence to interview questions.

SierraOscar Thu 16-Jul-20 14:21:40

Thank you @CheesecakeAddict

I am making some notes in preparation and will revise them before my interview.

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