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Secondary English and literacy

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theduchessstill Fri 03-Jul-20 07:53:48

I'm just wondering what the relationship between these two are in your schools. Our head of literacy isn't an English teacher, which is a good thing in many ways, but she's just sent me an audit to fill in detailing how we address literacy in English. I'm torn between putting 'it's integral to the subject' and leaving it at that, or sending her a 50 page document detailing everything, though I'll obviously finally decide to fill it out in the way she wants. It does seem ridiculous though, especially as her idea of literacy is very different from mine and entirely to do with accuracy.

Are English departments expected to do this in your schools, or is it assumed that, yes, English will address literacy without being audited? I'm feeling a bit irritated by this added to the stress of the guidelines coming out and the issues they throw up; having to now convince someone that as English teachers we address literacy is a bit of an unwanted task, to say the least.

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Finerumpus Sat 04-Jul-20 17:22:08

Perhaps you need to have a discussion about the definition of literacy as a starting point. What is this teacher’s subject?

StrawberryJam200 Sat 04-Jul-20 22:03:08

We used to have a Head of Literacy and now don't. It was an English teacher who moved to a different role and no one else took her place. She still occasionally does "literacy-encouraging" things across school though.

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