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Socially distanced LSA interview (KS3)

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StrawberryPea Sat 27-Jun-20 23:10:07

That's really good advice @minisoksmakehardwork, thank you. I'm certainly not up to date with secondary teaching (and presumably wouldn't be expected to be) so I'll definitely be bold enough to seek help if I'm asked to do something I'm not sure of. I think I would have tried to muddle through if you hadn't said that so thank you!

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minisoksmakehardwork Sat 27-Jun-20 22:23:02

I had no tests for an LSA interview, I guess because I had minimum c grades required, but I did have an 'observation lesson' where I had to demonstrate how I would work as support in a class.

I don't know how they would do that with current social distancing, although it's a good way to show how adaptable you are.

All I will say is don't be afraid to ask questions ahead of the interview (shows preparation) or for help from other staff members on the day. My obs lesson ended up being a maths one which is really not my strongest subject. I had to ask the lady observing me to show me how the formula worked so I could then offer help to students.

Good luck.

StrawberryPea Fri 26-Jun-20 11:24:10

Thank you! smile

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AnnieMaul Fri 26-Jun-20 11:14:10

Good luck with it @StrawberryPea hope it goes well smile

StrawberryPea Fri 26-Jun-20 11:08:35

Thanks @AnnieMaul! Yes, I'm bracing myself for literacy and numeracy tests, not my favourite thing despite there being nothing wrong with my skills on that front!

Perhaps observations aren't widely used in secondary interviews anyway then?

Have found a wonderful thread full of interview questions on the tes forum so will be having a good think about linking past experience to them in preparation!

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AnnieMaul Fri 26-Jun-20 10:41:04

Unsure of what recruitment is like at the moment, but when I had my LSA interview (2010) I was required to sit in a side room and take a few tests including Maths and English.

There were also several "what would you do in the following situation" type questions. Where you'd be given a written example of a scenario and I then had to write my response. Things like, child is being disruptive, child is struggling to understand task given to them by the teacher, a child comes to you and confides something.

It was only after passing the tests that I was offered the job and invited back for a couple of hours to observe a couple of lessons and have a tour of the school. I was never observed with a child or anything like that at this stage. I was observed over several lessons once I actually had the job.

Also secondary in a school with a large SEN department.

StrawberryPea Fri 26-Jun-20 10:32:07

I have an interview coming up for a 121 LSA role in a secondary school. The interview is taking place at the school, with social distancing measures in place, naturally.

I'm wondering what that might mean in terms of what is asked of me on the day. Assuming I won't be allowed to mix with pupil bubbles which makes any observations they might usually do tricky. How might they ask me to demonstrate my skills otherwise?

Curious as to what recruitment processes are looking like at your school during these strange times, if you've been involved in them?

Feel as though I'm walking into the unknown a bit and would like to be as mentally prepared as possible to keep nerves to a minimum!

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