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Vulnerable Teachers

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SleepymummyZzz Wed 24-Jun-20 07:42:07

So after working from home for the duration of the lockdown I am expected to return to work on 1st August. My letter stipulates my workplace should be Covid secure, surely my Reception class crammed into a tiny classroom with two minuscule windows isn’t Covid secure is it?! Am genuinely starting to question my sanity! How are other vulnerable and clinically vulnerable school staff feeling about the latest information for shoulders?

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SleepymummyZzz Wed 24-Jun-20 07:42:59

🤣🤣 *shielders! Shoulders are a whole other issue!

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GrammarTeacher Wed 24-Jun-20 12:59:12

Ignoring it and getting on with things. However, seeing as the only reason i can think that I got the letter is my asthma prescription I'm not really that vulnerable.
I'm on a drug usually prescribed for more serious asthma because I have an allergy to the propellant the other drugs use. My asthma is actually relatively mild.

Juiceey Wed 24-Jun-20 13:43:15

I'm going to be speaking to my school health and safety person. I recommend you do the same and see what reasonable adjustments can be made.

booklover164 Wed 24-Jun-20 14:19:33

I will be 30 weeks pregnant by the time school starts back in September and I'm really concerned about going back. Waiting to hear more information...

Letseatgrandma Wed 24-Jun-20 17:27:21

Schools will be deemed to be COVID secure in September, as they apparently are for staff now!

I would imagine ‘wash your hands’ will be the message

rawlikesushi Wed 24-Jun-20 17:36:40

'Covid secure' just means following the most recent government guidance.

From 4/7 that is to be 1m+ apart, although they acknowledge that even that might not be possible in primary schools.

Your school will need to be avoiding larger gatherings, providing hand washing facilities/opportunities and staggering start times/playtimes, cleaning throughout the day etc but that's about it.

Try not to worry. Only 1 in 1700 people are thought to be infected in the community (1 in 400 just four weeks ago) and it will be far fewer by 1/8. They can't eradicate all risk, just minimise it.

Pud2 Thu 25-Jun-20 18:47:49

Although the guidance has changed for the extremely vulnerable (shielded), there hasn’t been mention of the vulnerable eg pregnant, asthma etc. Presumably that category will disappear at the same time as the sheilders go back to work?

monkeytennis97 Fri 26-Jun-20 06:06:47

@rawlikesushi it's 1 in 1,100 now according to ONS data released yesterday sad

SleepymummyZzz Fri 26-Jun-20 06:21:25

My concern is the letter I received stating shielding is paused from 1 August, states I should still stay at home as much as possible and when I go out stick to strict social distancing. If social distancing isn’t possible (or even required it now seems!) in school, how can it be deemed safe for me to return? I think the press (as always!) have hyped everything up by proclaiming shielding is ending when in effect it has been paused and those who were shielding still need to manage additional risk. I think asking for a referral to OH for a risk assessment is a good start, thanks 😊

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SleepymummyZzz Fri 26-Jun-20 06:29:54

Coincidentally the letter stills points out very clearly throughout that I am still at serious risk of being seriously ill if I catch Covid, so I am still very worried, especially given my head is planning on business as usual (which even in normal circumstances was very relaxed to say the least!) Let’s hope by September the r rate is much lower, 150 people dying a day is not low enough for me not to worry 😔 Given the people on beaches today and more of the same behaviour when the pubs open I suspect I am becoming increasingly anxious. Thanks for your comments everyone.

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NeurotrashWarrior Sun 28-Jun-20 12:35:01

I think it's important to read the guidance that's there at the moment.

It may change obviously, but at the moment shielding, which was extreme, is on pause at that date. The cv group haven't been told their advice is going to change as yet. We can guess it might but not how, so if wait for clarification.

I expect they need to take a better judgement nearer the time for those who were shielding.

IlanaWexler Thu 02-Jul-20 10:08:05

I'm being asked to give a start date for my maternity leave, & have been told they expect everyone back in September. How am I supposed to decide now how safe it will be in 2 months?

Elsa8 Thu 02-Jul-20 13:23:48

I'm really panicking about this today. I'm in the vulnerable group due to my asthma, and I know from X rays that I already have some damage to my lungs from a previous infection. Statistically I'm not too worried about dying, but I am very worried about what the hell my lungs would look like after a serious covid infection. I teach secondary and even if I'm attached to a year bubble (ie teaching all children my subject within that bubble) that's exposing me to 200 children and their families. There is just NO way I can stay 2m from the children in my clasroom! I feel so bloody unsafe at the thought of going back under these circumstances. Even with the kids being sensible, doing their best to stay 2m away and washing hands as much as they can (and most kids are great, I'm sure they would be), it just doesn't feel a safe position to be in. I'm just hoping the unions will have something to say about this, or that in September the situation will be more clear cut, or that the vaccine (I'm sure I read that they should have some results in July) will be rolled out for the most at risk groups over the summer.

DH has actually said that I could resign or take unpaid leave. We can't really afford it and I LOVE the school I work in and I know they'll do everything they can to keep us safe, but I just feel sick thinking about going back with things as they stand.

NeurotrashWarrior Thu 02-Jul-20 13:31:10

Ilana, speak to your Gp. If the school risk assessment is good, and you feel ok, the risk probably is low.

The CV advice is still the same. It does say schools should be flexible with CV and ECV staff, including pregnancy.

FWIW, antenatal anxiety is a seriously recognised issue. If you do not feel you can cope you must speak to your Gp. I had AD and it's no joke. They are likely to give you a sick note. Sometimes knowing there is back up support is enough to help the worry, at the same time don't dismiss it. Your baby is the most important thing here.

NeurotrashWarrior Thu 02-Jul-20 13:32:30

Elsa, I have nothing helpful to say other than that is exactly my concern regarding my lungs. I know I won't die from this but I fear all viruses normally anyway.

NeurotrashWarrior Thu 02-Jul-20 13:33:08


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