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Planning time on site or off?

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Piixxiiee Tue 23-Jun-20 23:44:10

Just that really- do you get your planning time on site only if can you be off site? I'm hoping to negotiate it off site due to childcare issues but my school policy is on site ....

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RaraRachael Wed 24-Jun-20 09:16:29

We tend to do ours at home as there is literally no space in school to work.

MsJaneAusten Wed 24-Jun-20 15:55:54

I'm in secondary and you're generally expected to be onsite for the full school day, including PPAs. The only exception would be if you were 'blank' at the start or end of a day. A 'blank' is an unpaid period.

While I know the obvious answer is 'in the evenings', your school might wonder 'when will you plan?' if you suggest your PPA time should be at home for childcare reasons.

CallmeAngelina Wed 24-Jun-20 20:03:39

As a general rule, all PPA happens on-site, as we have room. Currently, we're allowed to take it at home if we prefer not to sit too close to anyone at school.
I don't think childcare could or should be a reason for you going home, to be honest. Or at least, if it IS the reason, you'd probably best keep it quiet.

ohthegoats Wed 24-Jun-20 20:06:01

On site. We have a whole day every other week, and there are 3 classes in my year - we need to plan together.

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