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How do I get my QTS after doing my PGCE 22 years ago?

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sydenhamhiller Tue 23-Jun-20 17:18:50

I would be so grateful some advice after so much googling my eyes are crossed!

I did my secondary PGCE 1997-98 (History). Came down to London and did something else completely. Did a 'Return to Primary Teaching' course in 2005, then had first 2 kids, did a few years a s a childminder, and now a couple years as a TA, both as a class TA and doing interventions I am responsible for planning and delivering with minimal input/ supervision.

For the past 4 weeks I have been teaching a Y2 bubble of 8 children or so. The Year 2 teacher in the other bubble gets the flips up, and away I go. It has been quite the learning curve, but has shown me I can do this.

I spoke to a colleague who mentors NQTs, and she said I would need to find a pathway to getting my QTS. Does anyone have any tips/ advice/ recommendations? I would be so grateful. I am just feeling quite exploited: I am getting the same pay as my Year 2 TA colleagues, yet have the responsibility of knowing/ understanding what we are doing for day, managing behaviour, transitions, etc, and I need to make a change.

Thank you!

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ohthegoats Tue 23-Jun-20 18:02:32

Try to think of it as valuable experience rather than being exploited. You're not planning stuff, so you're being a TA. Loads of TAs around the country are doing it at the moment.

wonderpants Tue 23-Jun-20 18:42:53

TES do a pathway to QTS where it is assessment only- you basically prove you can teach over a couple of terms. I've known experienced and good TAs do this.

samlovesdilys Tue 23-Jun-20 21:45:07

This might help

sydenhamhiller Wed 24-Jun-20 08:30:50

Brilliant, thanks for this.

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rawlikesushi Wed 24-Jun-20 17:31:31

There's no time limit but you might struggle to find a Head willing to take a chance on you, given that your training was so long ago. You'd also be competing with NQTs fresh from uni and full of the most recent initiatives and guidance.

Your best bet is if your current school would be willing to consider you for a teaching position and support you through your NQT year.

But based on what you say you are doing, I would not describe that as teaching. You are delivering lessons that have been planned my a teacher, as many TAs are doing at the moment. As pp said, it is good experience and you could use it to strengthen your request, but it would be wrong to frame it as exploitation IMO.

sydenhamhiller Wed 24-Jun-20 21:14:19

Thanks for all the feedback.

Good to have some different views, and especially helpful to know I am unlikely to be able to ‘level up’ from a TA, given the competition from newly qualified teachers.

This might be the push needed to go and pursue a career in an alternative field!

Thanks for all the feedback.

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StaffAssociationRepresentative Thu 25-Jun-20 17:47:01

I agree you will be in competition with all the new PGCE students which will make it tricky but not impossible. Will your current school not give you the chance to complete your NQT year?

Must it primary?

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