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Redundancy- Pay confusion

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Gigipixiz Mon 22-Jun-20 20:26:41

Hi all I am looking for advice for a family member.
Her school has been shut totally and all the staff are being made redundant- small school 15 ish staff.

Notice of redundancy will be given this week so her last working day will be the last day of term. She is SLT so will be working right up until until then despite no students being in the school.
They are getting standard statutory redundancy pay. However the issue is that they (and I think) they should be paid until the end of August as they have worked the hours and then get redundancy pay. The school is insisting that they won't pay for August as this is holidays and they are not entitled to this as they no longer work for the school. My understanding is that August pay is for hours worked through out the year and therefore the schools calculations are wrong not just for my family member but all staff. The head of HR (1 person in HR team) is new in post and has never worked in education before.
I broke it down like this eg not accurate figures : She is paid £36, 0000 per year at the end of July she will have worked 12 months but only been paid for 11
£33, 000and therefore they will owe her £3000.

Please can someone let me know if this is correct or have we both made a mistake? Thanks

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monkeysox Fri 26-Jun-20 11:37:47

I'd say definitely to end August

MeanzBeanz Fri 26-Jun-20 14:00:46

If it's a normal state school and they have a standard contract, then in order for employment to cease on specific dates then notice has to be given (by either party) by specific standard dates.

The NEU notice dates match my contract:

31 October to end contract on 31 December

28 February to end contract by 30 April

31 May to end contract by 31 August

Mine says to end employment on 31st August, notice has to be given by the 31st May. So if they got notice of their redundancy before 31st May, they should be paid until 31st August. If she works in an academy it may be different, but she needs to look at her contract.

Teacher notice periods are weird like that - you can't just leave whenever - and it may be that the HR person doesn't know it.

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