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Comedy Zoom Moments

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thunderthighsohwoe Fri 12-Jun-20 18:43:08

Having had my first whole class Zoom meet today, rather than individual chats, I wondered if anyone might enjoy a thread sharing amusing anecdotes from Zoom/videos/messaging their class.

Today, my cat walked across my laptop early on in the Zoom. This led to lots of ‘can I show you my cat’ requests (they’re 7 and 8 year olds). Somehow this descended into one girl whipping out a live chicken who apparently ‘hates maths’, a boy letting his ferrets loose in his garden and his dad then frantically trying to round them up, and another girl showing us exactly what she meant by her guinea pig being ‘blocked up’.

It made me chuckle, so I thought it might amuse some others too!

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StrawberryJam200 Fri 12-Jun-20 19:42:19

Fab, thanks OP!

DrMadelineMaxwell Fri 12-Jun-20 22:57:31

I did my first group meet the other day.
I saw a dog. Pics of dogs. Pics of a new baby brother.
My mic didn't work even though it should - and we don't have headsets yet as this is new for us. I had to use the chat function while we tried to fix it.
The children could all get on with no tech issues.
And could hear each other but didn't really speak to each other.
2 of my bright buttons said not one word. Shy.
Another few tried but found it awkward.
One young girl was on and we had a tour of her house to see her puppy then she tried on all her sunglasses during the meet.
One set of twins spent most of it bickering over a broken phone and room they were sharing on the chair.

Then afterwards I've had 3 'yes please, I'd love to join the meeting'.
One during the meeting so I didn't see it.
One an hour after, with a follow up email to say the child was very upset they've missed it - and why didn't they get the info (that all the other kids got too and found no prob).
And one today saying they were looking forward to it in ten mins and I had to tell them they missed it by a day.

I'm not convinced it's the way to go....

orangeicecream Fri 12-Jun-20 23:32:27

I have an optional form zoom every morning and about 80% of the kids come on (Yr 5)...I've seen dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, chickens, we've had fancy dress day, quizzes, multiple cool backgrounds... Jungle scene my favourite... Show and tell on zoom is brilliant. It works well for us.

thunderthighsohwoe Sat 13-Jun-20 06:38:03

Admittedly it only worked for us because we’re all back teaching bubbles four days a week and Zooming our classes at home/calling vulnerables/staff meeting/PPA on the fifth, so I now have childcare to allow me to do this. During actual lockdown I would have had a toddler to add to the carnage and then Lord only knows what would have happened 😂

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