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Delayed to 2021 exams?

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countdowntonap Sun 07-Jun-20 09:15:01

Copied from the Guardian
‘ The government has reportedly warned parents that exams for secondary school pupils may be delayed again next summer.
Exam regulator Ofqual has begun making contingency plans for next summer’s exams as pupils attempt to regain months of lost learning, according to the Sunday Times.
It is considering pushing exams from May to as late as July and continuing this year’s emergency marking system.
An Ofqual spokeswoman told PA Media that the regulator recognised pupils, parents and teachers were concerned about disruptions caused by the pandemic.
She said: “Our overriding aim is to ensure exams and assessments are as fair as possible and we are working closely with the Department for Education, exam boards and groups representing teachers, schools and colleges, to carefully consider a range of possible measures.
“We will provide further information in the coming weeks.”’

I’m starting to teach Year 10 again next week, and really can’t decide what content to recap on/teach first. I wonder how long it will actually take to get a decision from Ofqual in ‘coming weeks’, and whether exam content will be scaled back?

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Howaboutanewname Sun 07-Jun-20 09:42:23

They really need to make a decision and fast, don’t they? Personally, given that I think we are going to potentially be in and out of school as individual teachers having to isolate and as whole school needing to close for deep cleaning and on top of that, there may be localised lockdowns and/or full lockdown again, it can’t be GCSE exams as normal. I have been pressing ahead as normal via internet (private school) but I think the only sensible decision is going to be teacher assessment. If they were brave and made the decision now, they could look at providing us with some standardised tests on topics with guidance of submitting marks for, say, 2 out of 5 units plus an overall grade as we’ve done this year, perhaps?

mumsneedwine Sun 07-Jun-20 09:46:54

We've talked about this and we can't see how we can do teacher assessment next year. We will have so little data. This year we had 2 solid years to use. Unless school is back full time in the autumn we are not going to have anything meaningful for them. We have never stopped teaching the curriculum (state) so some will be fine. But a small minority will not.

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