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Can children in bubbles take stuff home they have made that only they have touched?

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pinkrocker Thu 04-Jun-20 00:20:22

We are wondering as we think we've read advice that says anything that children make (pictures, models etc) can't be taken home with them due to risk of transmitting any infection.
Or do they have to keep their work "isolated" at home for 2 days?
We have lots of nice art and craft projects planned and we'd like to get them back into the food tech room if possible. Any advice would be great, or pointers to the DfE advice, thanks!

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Elderflowervioletrose Thu 04-Jun-20 00:35:52

Not sure what dfe advice is, but we have been told children are not allowed to take anything home from school that they have made. They also aren’t allowed to bring anything into school because of transmission risk

pinkrocker Thu 04-Jun-20 08:23:15

Thanks elderflower that's what we thought.

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drspouse Thu 04-Jun-20 16:14:35

My DS is bringing stuff home. Today it was a bird feeder. I washed my hands after touching it and will do so again after we put it up.

CallmeAngelina Thu 04-Jun-20 16:28:29

We've not been told anything about that and our KW kids took home artwork today.
See? This is how we're all fighting blind.

pinkrocker Thu 04-Jun-20 16:47:49

Thanks all, I just can't find anything in the DfE guidance at all!!

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Pud2 Thu 04-Jun-20 18:59:28

Ours are taking bits home.

wasgoingmadinthecountry Thu 04-Jun-20 22:18:26

I'm not sending stuff home - taking pictures to email to parents of bits of work they're proud of.

veneeroftheweek Fri 05-Jun-20 22:28:07

Our KW children have been taking stuff home. Other children not in yet.

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