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No longer wanting the job... advice

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Darklava09 Wed 03-Jun-20 18:44:04

I commented a few months ago about my predicament.

I interview for a non teaching role 4months ago. They dragged out the process with references, then covid happened, they’ve messed me about stating that I could start when they had everything, then they said I couldn’t start until schools were back then it was September but potentially not. :eek:

it left me with no job security and my current job is being impacted so ive started to look elsewhere. I’ve not signed anything official but do have emails ect about the job.

It’s all put a bad taste in my mouth and my gut is telling me to not work there and a few teaching friends have heard bad reviews about the school so I’ve decided to not want to take on the position.

I am planning to let them know ASAP. Just want to know if I’m legally bound to anything. Currently I do not work in education.

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rosesinmygarden Wed 03-Jun-20 20:35:26

Seeing as they've not even given you a starting date I'd cite this as the reason you're no longer able to accept the role. If necessary say you've received another offer with a guaranteed start date and feel you have no choice but to accept it so you can support your family.

Even if they say you can start September, you're still giving them nearly 3 months notice. This is completely reasonable.

Darklava09 Wed 03-Jun-20 20:42:48

Thank you @rosesinmygarden

I’ve looked on TES and there are multiple threads saying this is bad practice but all about teaching posts not support staff.

Legally I haven’t signed anything but I know verbal can be just as binding.

Like you said o have to support my family and with the prospect of a potential September start but again something they said they can’t agree on for definite is just to uneasy for me. It would of been 7months all in all waiting and I can’t wait much longer.

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rosesinmygarden Wed 03-Jun-20 20:45:49

I've worked in schools where teachers have done this, mid August.

Honestly, they might make you feel guilty, but you won't be doing anything wrong. I'd imagine the notice period would only be a month even if you were actually in post as a non teaching member of staff.

Tell them now and they can find someone else.

Darklava09 Wed 03-Jun-20 21:04:22

Yes I’ve seen it happen plenty of times... it happened to a job that I didn’t get and a month later the other person didn’t want it and they offered it me!

That’s good to know. I think They need to understand in light of covid job security is so important not only that it stops me applying for other posts!!

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