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When to return after mat leave

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FourPlasticRings Wed 03-Jun-20 14:22:55

Baby is due in October this year and work want to know when I'll be returning. When's the latest I could return and still get fully paid for the summer? It's a local authority school.

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tweetypi Wed 03-Jun-20 14:42:18

I'd recommend going back a few days before the end of the summer term (eg weds-fri) to give you a few days to get set up for next academic year. Technically you could go back the first day of the summer holidays for full pay though.

CarrieBlue Wed 03-Jun-20 16:54:52

I went back first day of the holidays with DS (born start of October). I went back for the last 3 days of July with DD (born start of November). It was miserable being in for that short time, I had to teach classes I didn’t know (despite my maternity cover being in school still) and had no time for prep in school for the following year. I wish I hadn’t bothered.

I went pt after DS was born but made sure my pt contract started 1st September so was paid ft for August.

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