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Relocating - teaching in England/Wales

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wantmorenow Sat 06-Jun-20 22:07:48

Including Welsh dimension into every lesson is expected. That may be language, culture, etc. Use of incidental Welsh is also the norm across every key stage.

marydtf Sat 06-Jun-20 11:37:47

Primary schools in many parts of Wales teach in Welsh

wantmorenow Mon 01-Jun-20 18:26:13

To apply for a job in Wales you must have registered with the Education Workforce Council. Lots of info on their site.

Getting teaching jobs in Wales can be quite difficult depending upon your specialism.

socktastic Sun 31-May-20 16:05:06

My husband has been made redundant and with very few jobs if any being posted in Scotland, he is beginning to widen his net in finding another job.

I am a qualified and experienced primary teacher but I am wondering what I would need to do to get a job south of the border. Having trained against 5-14 and curriculum for Excellence I'm aware I'd need to familiarise myself with another curriculum. Would I need to do an NQT year? I know teachers coming up here have to complete a probationary year.

Of course, all this is contingent on my husband finding a job. sad

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