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Primary wellbeing theme for September

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lurch3r Sun 31-May-20 07:47:38

We are planning a curriculum based on wellbeing for September autumn 1 thinking of positive mental health, team-building, hope etc. for R to Year 6 across the curriculum to help us rebuild a sense of school community. Has anyone come across any good links to ideas/resources/organisations during lockdown which also observe social distancing? Also, a fiction text challenging enough for KS2 with a positive focus on looking after yourself/each other? Perhaps lots of us will be doing this right now and we can share some ideas. Thank you.

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NeurotrashWarrior Sun 31-May-20 16:25:23

Certainly there's lots of research around art for well being; the challenge is getting that right.

If you follow the big draw on twitter, you'll find a number of primary art teachers who have good ideas for this.

wastingtimeworrying Sat 06-Jun-20 07:46:55

The Thrive approach has a Facebook community group for adults with lots of tips and links and activities. you don't have to be Thrive trained to join.

wastingtimeworrying Sat 06-Jun-20 07:51:31

Also there is a lady called Pooky Knightsmith that has some free training on her website around return to school, making it welcoming and nurturing. I found her interesting. She uses the acronym SWAN but I can't remember the site. She talks lots about emotional health and may have links to resources.

lurch3r Sat 06-Jun-20 18:07:32

Thanks for these - I didn't know where to start really because we would probably have started back on a WWII theme or something that just wouldn't be appropriate for this September and we'd be reading Goodnight Mr Tom or similar. Given the lockdown, I'd like something a bit chirpier to bring the class back together as a team. (All assuming it will be back to normal come September)

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