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Secondary teachers - what is your key worker provision?

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VashtaNerada Fri 29-May-20 07:44:40

I teach primary and have decided that when I go back FT I’ll be sending my Y7 DD back as well. I know that at primary the children are having a lovely time but what’s it like at secondary? She’s incredibly nervous and I’ve been telling her what a great time she’ll have, but when I spoke to the school to ask what a typical day will be like they weren’t very forthcoming. What have your schools been doing? Surely they won’t just be sat at desks doing work all day??

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maxonebitch Fri 29-May-20 08:44:46

Place marking as I'm in a similar situation.

Cantaloupeisland Fri 29-May-20 09:17:35

We've got about 15 in from mainly year 7 and 8 although some more vulnerable older ones are starting to sign up. They do the same online learning as the kids at home, following their timetable on Google classroom, so there is a fair bit of deal sitting but it's broken up. They've all enjoyed it I think- they've made friends with people they wouldn't normally. They have break and lunch and often get outside to do fun things, or watch a film on the big screen. Ours have all been happy coming in- they're like a little club!

Cantaloupeisland Fri 29-May-20 09:18:03


Sureitwillbegrand Fri 29-May-20 09:23:06

Ours come in, go to a computer do the work as set by teachers. This tends to be 9-12 with a break. Then maybe a movie or Kahoot! depends on the teacher, lunch and then sport In the afternoon. It's a big room so teachers can keep distance from the students. Sometimes they do art or cooking if those teachers are in that day. The students seem to like it/just get on with it! there is no uniform and our no phone policy has been eased during this time as well.
Average numbers are about 10 so not sure if this will continue as more students start coming in.

MaryBerrysBomberJacket Fri 29-May-20 09:49:38

We has around 40 in last week in 4 different computer rooms. They do their online learning for the most part and we have a period of PE (table tennis currently being hihgly in demand) and maybe a kahoot or free time to play games. We've done the occassional arts and crafts but as we can't bring anything from home it is a bit limited, although I got around it by buying some stuff and having it deliverred to school!

The kids are happy for the most part. We've had to mix groups up a little after some friction and the fact that staff really didn't want ot be breaking up fights. We've had to send one student to another provision for purposefully spitting at people however and have some staff on 'patrol' at the end of the day with groups of other students gathering outside. Parents won't/can't do anything to stop it however and the police are busy with the ones trashiong shops in town!

VashtaNerada Fri 29-May-20 12:44:14

This is reassuring! I’m sure she’ll be fine, thank you.

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Danglingmod Fri 29-May-20 12:46:32

Yeah, she'll be fine. Ours are doing Joe Wicks or yoga first thing, then a couple of hours of home learning in the ICT suite, then fun stuff in the afternoon: art, craft, films, reading, more PE, outdoor art.

VashtaNerada Fri 29-May-20 19:31:19

She’s got the phone number of someone who’s already going, and she said “no fun stuff, we just work all day” confused I hope that’s childish exaggeration!!

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