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To hand in notice or not

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Fairyrainbow Thu 28-May-20 22:10:39

Bit of background been on maternity literally just gone back requested part time but was a no no. So been applying for part time jobs had a few interviews not got offered anything but feedback had been good which is frustrating. So my dilemma is hand in notice and hope and pray I find another job or stick it out full time till xmas when I can leave again?

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CheesecakeAddict Fri 29-May-20 05:52:40

How screwed would you be if you couldn't get a job? Would you be willing to do something else?

Fairyrainbow Fri 29-May-20 07:03:23

Well I'd be screwed if I didn't get another job as mortgage to pay etc....but would be willing to do something else for a while. I did plan to join a supply agency but with everything that's going on was wondering if there would be much supply around in September

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summerdown Fri 29-May-20 07:40:55

I think they’ll be loads of supply as lots of schools want to wait to fill positions, plus need for extra teachers. I also think there will be a bit of a flurry of advertising added half-term as people have left it to last minute to resign

CheesecakeAddict Fri 29-May-20 07:41:19

Isn't September supposed to be a bad time for cover work at the best of times? It's going to be a gamble isn't it whatever you do. You could risk it and hope there are teachers giving their notice close to the deadline so they don't have time to rehire before the May 31st deadline. You could also try and get a job outside of education/tutoring, but realistically how eat will this be in the current climate, I don't know. Also, wouldn't you need to pay back some of your mat pay if you didn't go back?

summerdown Fri 29-May-20 07:41:22

After * half term

Margo34 Fri 29-May-20 12:21:55

I did supply a few years ago and my first Autumn term supply job didn't come in until after Oct half term. Was very intermittent there after until the Spring!

likeafishneedsabike Fri 29-May-20 15:15:44

Primary or secondary? Honest to God, part time secondary is crap. If you’re secondary, I will elaborate on the (many) reasons that part time is more of a ball ache than its worth. I’m core subject - it might be better for non core subjects.

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