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Could the government's plans for re-opening have been any more shambolic?

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DippyAvocado Fri 22-May-20 13:33:57

I didn't have very high expectations but piss up and brewery spring to mind.

Article in the i-news last night: Headteachers drowning in information as government updates its school opening guidance 41 times in a week

The headteacher said that the DfE kept sending out new versions of the guidance with a couple of lines changed but without highlighting which parts they had changed. As a primary teacher, I think that I know what's happening in my own school (although who knows what could change over half term) but secondary DH has been told he won't find out if his own school is opening on 1st June until the information is published on 29th May! We're trying to let our DC's school know when they will be in but we have no idea until DH is told what days he has to be in.

As there have been so many comparisons with schools opening up in Europe, it would be interesting to know if other governments' plans were more successful or if things were equally difficult for schools in other countries. I think I read on one of the other threads earlier a link someone had posted about Danish schools reopening saying the government had worked together closely with Unions and healthcare professionals until everyone was happy with the guidance.

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greathat Fri 22-May-20 13:54:56

Piss up and brewery. It's all furious back peddling instead of planning ahead

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