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School laptop

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GinWithRosie Sun 24-May-20 07:35:31

Oh lovely...congratulations OP. Now, forget about your laptop and enjoy your new baby 💓💐💓

lornz Sun 24-May-20 04:45:52

Sorry for the delayed response baby finally made his arrival on Wednesday so I've been busy adjusting to life as mummy of two.

Thank you for all the replies smile it definitely was hormones over thinking it I think. smile thank you again.

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GinWithRosie Fri 22-May-20 07:15:10

I was the 'mat cover teacher' twice! Both times I had the regular class teacher's laptop so I assume they had been told to leave it. Schools just don't have the spare hardware 🤷‍♀️

Melrose86 Thu 21-May-20 22:40:24

Maybe ask if you can get a school laptop back a few weeks before you are due to start back. You probably won't need one before then. I couldn't even think about work til my baby was 7 months old. I went back when he was 8 months. I did a couple of days in school before starting back to do some planning x

StaffAssociationRepresentative Mon 18-May-20 23:01:24

Yes it is standard to get everything back before you go off on maternity leave.

Just make sure you clear off any personal files before you hand it in.

Keepsmiling1 Mon 18-May-20 17:23:39

Yep I gave mine in both times. It was given to the supply who was covering my mat leave to use.

skylarkdescending Mon 18-May-20 17:01:14

Yes I have done this both times. School don't have the budget to have lots of spare laptops lying around for a long time. Will you be off for a year?

What do you use for staff emails? I have downloaded an app which I can use to access email.

Surely you won't need to do any planning until you are officially back? At that point I would speak to school about picking one up, maybe on a keep in touch day.

rosesinmygarden Mon 18-May-20 16:07:53

Can't you save everything to a memory stick that you might need? And can't you access work email on the web? It might be nice not to be able to do any work and not to be able to do any if asked to!

pfrench Mon 18-May-20 15:04:07

Yep. I gave mine in. It was good, I got a brand new one when I got back. I didn't look at work emails at all, the whole time I was off.

lornz Mon 18-May-20 15:02:54

My mat leave officially started on 9th May. I've just picked up an email from the office saying they want me to drop my work laptop back in to be reissued to another user whilst I'm off... is this normal practice.

Without my work laptop I will have no access to any school emails etc or my planning etc for before I return next year, can they do this? It makes me feel very uneasy!!

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