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What would you want a prospective headteacher to ask you?

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captainflash Sun 17-May-20 18:32:07

Just that really. If a headteacher candidate was having an ‘informal’ chat with other staff members, what would want the prospective candidate to ask? What would you like a new headteacher to be interested in?

(Asking from a governor perspective who will be getting feedback from staff)

Thank you!

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Sewingbea Sun 17-May-20 22:42:46

What do you see as priorities for the school?
What's great about this school that you'd want a new head to support?
What ideas do you have that you'd like to discuss?
How can we work together to move learning forward?
What could I do to help you further your professional development?
And, but utterly fantastical to think it would be asked, How can we ensure a good work life balance so that you have plenty of energy for teaching?
However in reality headship candidates do more talking about themselves than they do asking questions, let alone listening, so good luck with this grin

cabbageking Mon 18-May-20 02:27:25

I think it depends on the person. What the situation 're Ofsted and the school data says. Therefore any questions should be based on their view of the school strengths and development points.

My thoughts would be, do their questions show they have an accurate view of the schools present position or not? Why are they asking those questions?
What does this say about their priorities and personality.

This is a chance for them to find out why the school is where it is. Do they want this specific school or will any school do? If it is a faith school I would expect a statement of faith to be clear.

captainflash Tue 19-May-20 07:04:40

Thanks both! Very useful

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Dilbertian Wed 20-May-20 17:21:17

I would like them to show an interest in and awareness of SEN issues, particularly ones specific to the school. Eg if the school has a resource or unit attached, they should know that, want to visit it, and ask relevant questions, as well as show interest in mainstream SEN children and staffing.

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