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Virtual staffroom - what would you like to see in it please?

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Celeriacacaca Fri 15-May-20 12:36:28

I'm setting up a virtual staff room for teaching and support staff with a focus on well-being. What sorts of things would you find helpful to be included? All ideas welcome.

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PenOrPencil Fri 15-May-20 18:14:53

I am in constant contact with my team and don’t think I would frequent a virtual staffroom. What would I do there?
Would it be (another) zoom meeting or a conversation thread à la mumsnet?

rawlikesushi Sun 17-May-20 20:08:29

Do you mean for your own school staff, as a place to chat?

Or for teachers everywhere? Because I use tes and mn for that really.

StaffAssociationRepresentative Sun 17-May-20 20:27:36

Do you mean for your school? We already have Teams meetings etc and our last inset was delivered via teams.

Or do you mean an online platform for all? I use TES.

The problem with online stuff is that staff can not discuss in detail specifics to them and their school.

There are already subject specific virtual staff rooms in existence.

Celeriacacaca Tue 19-May-20 11:42:25

It would be an internal one just for our school teaching and support staff. Teachers have their departmental one but this is for general well-being etc.

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rawlikesushi Wed 20-May-20 15:45:30

I don't mean to sound unkind but I don't think I'd use it. I have WhatsApp groups where I can chat with work friends, and we post frank opinions, educational memes and links to useful stuff (latest government advice, planning). I don't think I'd want to post somewhere where lots of people I don't know could comment, disagree or judge!

Maybe it would be useful for new staff, or those who haven't built friendships at work.

I'd say anything that will save them time or money - offers for teachers, planning and resources, wellbeing/mindfulness stuff, latest educational news, links to sites with self care and mental health advice.

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